Trump Seen Foaming At The Mouth And Slurring His Words During Latest Campaign Video

Posted June 5, 2024 by with 14 comments

From a video posted to his “Truth Social” today.

It’s not looking good.

Not good at all.

No, that’s not a blown-out creampied hole from Treasure Island, it’s his mouth.

While Biden is well into his dementia era, it looks to me that Trump is way closer to death than Sleepy Joe, and it’s completely reasonable to predict that Trump could die within the next few months. The nightmare of the last eight years (and really the last 35 years, if you’ve had to live through his shit for as long as I have) would finally be over, if he would just drop dead. Old people with unhealthy lifestyles and horrid McDonald’s diets die every day, so why can’t he be one of them?

People on Twitter are saying that the spit and the foaming at the mouth is likely due to dry mouth from all the amphetamines he’s on, and that makes sense.

Here he is spitting:

And here he is foaming at the mouth:

God help us. tr42ff

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