U.S. Senator’s Son Arrested For Killing Cop

Posted December 7, 2023 by with 1 comment

Damn, move over Hunter Biden. Being a tax-evading crackhead is small potatoes compared to Ian Cramer, son of United States Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, who just killed someone while fleeing police in his mother’s stolen SUV. The mother had taken Cramer to the hospital because he was having a mental health issue, but instead of going inside, Cramer stole his mother’s car, which led to a police chase. During the high speed chase, Cramer slammed into a parked patrol car, behind which a deputy had been laying out a spike strip. The deputy was killed instantly, and Cramer is now charged with felony manslaughter, amongst other things. I guess they can’t go for second-degree murder since they’d have to prove that Cramer was intentionally trying to kill the deputy. Via AP:

The 42-year-old son of U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer was charged Thursday with manslaughter and fleeing an officer after a police pursuit ended in a crash that killed a North Dakota sheriff’s deputy who had just laid a tire deflation device on the road and was taking cover behind his squad car, according to court documents.

Ian Cramer, of Bismarck, was traveling over 100 mph and already had two flat tires when he slammed head-on into Deputy Paul Martin’s squad car on Wednesday, pushing it “directly into Martin’s person and launching him for about 100 feet,” according to charging documents. Martin, 53, was killed.

Cramer’s Republican father is a MAGA bigot who’s opposed all the things you’d expect during his tenure as a congressman and now as a senator (gun control, abortion, environmental protection, gay rights). Senator Cramer had another son who died of alcoholism in 2018, and now he has a son who’s a deranged cop killer, so he’s clearly not going to be winning any Father Of The Year awards anytime soon. What a worthless piece of shit.

More via KFYR in North Dakota: