Uganda To Jail Anyone Who Identifies As LGBT

Posted March 23, 2023 by with 3 comments

What a sick, horrifying world we live in. Via NPR:

Uganda’s parliament has passed some of the most sweeping anti-LGBTQ legislation in the world. Same-sex acts were already unlawful in Uganda, but on Tuesday night, lawmakers voted to ban identifying as LGBTQ+, or the so-called promotion of gay identity.

In a packed chamber, lawmakers overwhelmingly voted in favor of legislation called the anti-homosexuality bill, with only two of the nearly 400 representatives voting against it.

“Congratulations,” said Speaker Anita Among. “Whatever we are doing, we are doing it for the people of Uganda.”

Same-sex acts have been criminal in Uganda under British colonial-era laws, but this new legislation goes much further. So-called aggravated homosexuality, which includes sex with someone who has HIV could incur the death penalty. The law would also punish anyone who identifies as gay or queer, and potentially people or rights groups seen to promote or support LGBTQ identity.


The U.S. donates (via your tax dollars) roughly $1 billion per year to Uganda. It’s obviously time to cut them off completely from all assistance. Maybe that’ll make these psychopaths rethink “whatever [they] are doing.”