Ukraine President Follows Madonna On Instagram After Singer Posts “Sorry” Montage Showing Russian Invasion

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Some people were losing their minds yesterday when Madonna posted an Instagram video featuring a remix of her song “Sorry” from 2005’s “Confessions On A Dance Floor” album (the last great album she’s released tbh) that was accompanied by news footage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but of all the things Madonna has said and done, this was relatively harmless and actually served a purpose, as she included a link to Global Citizen where donations and other actions can be taken to support the people of Ukraine. If you’re not hurting anyone, I think it’s fine to be completely tone deaf, so long as you genuinely mean well. And perhaps Ukrainian president Vlodymyr Zelensky agrees, because he ended up following Madonna’s Instagram after she posted the video:

Ukrainian president Vlodymyr Zelensky has followed Madonna on Instagram after she posted a video montage in support of Ukraine.

The singer took to social media on Friday (25 February) to voice her support for the country amid Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Madonna condemned Russia’s “pointless and greed driven invasion”, adding that “Putin has violated every human rights accord in existence”.

The 63-year-old wrote: “We support you President Zelensky!! We are praying for you and your country!”

Madonna’s caption accompanied a video she had posted, which featured footage of Ukraine and Putin alongside clips of herself dancing and singing to her 2006 track “Sorry.”

Lyrics from the song appear on screen, including: “Lies” and “I can’t take it.”

President Zelensky (Instagram account @zelenskiy_official) has since followed Madonna on Instagram.

Other people, however, criticised the Grammy award-winner over her video, calling it “narcissistic” and “tone-deaf.”

[Independent: Ukraine president follows Madonna on Instagram after she posts divisive musical montage about Russian invasion]

Please. When has Madonna not been narcissistic? If Zelensky is OK with this, I think she’s in the clear.

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