University Of Oregon Apologizes After Students Chant “Fuck The Mormons!” During Football Game With BYU

Posted September 18, 2022 by with 3 comments

It looks to have been all in good fun, but now they’ve had to apologize. Via Fox13:

The University of Oregon’s official student section issued an apology Saturday night for some fans using a profanity-laced chant during their home game against BYU.

The video caught the attention of Gov. Spencer Cox, who called it “Religious bigotry” in a tweet from his personal, verified Twitter account.

The University of Oregon’s student section, called the “Oregon Pit Crew,” condemned the vulgar chant and apologized in a statement issued later Saturday evening.

“To all [BYU] fans in attendance at todays game [sic],” the student section wrote in a tweet, “we would like to apologize for the actions of the students in attendance. We do not condone or support any hateful speech directed towards one’s religion and are ashamed of those who participated.”


Given that the Mormon Church routinely uses hatred and discrimination to harm other groups (hello, remember Prop. 8?), I strongly agree with the students’ chant (which is obviously nothing in comparison to the damage the church does) and wish the school hadn’t apologized. Fuck the fucking Mormons, indeed. Here’s the “Fuck the Mormons!” video: