Utah Woman Pregnant With Son’s Baby: “This Was Meant To Be”

Posted September 24, 2022 by with 12 comments

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: The deranged newscasters’ psychotic elation over this freak show, or the fact that the daughter thinks “this was meant to be.” If you have to get your own mother pregnant in order to have a baby, maybe it’s not “meant to be,” and is instead a sick manipulation of medicine that goes against nature and what your precious God intended? Also, they already have four kids and obviously didn’t need a fifth, but because they’re religious nutjobs, they apparently believed the junk they had stored inside a test tube was a “life” that couldn’t be wasted. (They’re from Utah, so you can obviously guess what religion they are.) At the very least, why didn’t they use a surrogate who wasn’t, uhhh, their mom? Furthermore, if they really cared about the baby, why would they risk having someone carry it who is almost 60 years old?? Move over FamilyDick, meet the Hauck family: