Variety Journalist Kicked Off Red Carpet Of Michael Jackson Broadway Show For Asking About Sexual Abuse Allegations

Posted February 2, 2022 by with 3 comments

Heaven forbid anyone acknowledge reality in public. Yikes:

[T]he show’s backers were quick to shut down any mention of the scandal that still clouds the King of Pop’s life and legacy at the red-carpet premiere of the musical, kicking out a Variety journalist for bringing up the topic of Jackson’s alleged abuse. In response to questions that asked how audience members should balance potential discomfort with enjoyment of the show’s theatrical artistry, cast members gave considered and conscientious responses. […] Yet, after several candid conversations with cast members, representatives for the show told Variety’s reporter that he was no longer welcome on the carpet.

“I’ve been hearing you’re asking difficult questions,” one representative said. “Not on opening night. If you would like to ask real questions, you can schedule an interview with the cast.”

The representative revealed that the show’s principal cast members weren’t prepared to answer questions about controversies surrounding the late musician.

[Variety: ‘MJ’ Broadway Musical Removes Variety Reporter for Asking About Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse Allegations]