Victim Testifies In Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Trial: “He Was Grooming Me”

Posted July 3, 2023 by with 6 comments

This is so raunchy and disgusting, it would make a great movie. Would any actor in Hollywood dare to play the role of Kevin Spacey? I think they’d have to find an unknown star. I can’t see any well-known celebrity wanting to be associated with this. Then again, maybe in 10 years or so, it would be OK. Or, maybe they should just wait until after Spacey is dead. Spacey is facing life in prison in the UK if convicted on all 12 sexual assault charges. Excerpts from one victim’s (he’s not identified, but it sounds like he was a driver/assistant to Spacey) testimony as the trial continues, via Reuters/Yahoo:

After two to three weeks of being with Spacey, the actor made him feel uncomfortable, rubbing the man’s legs and neck while he was driving, before later starting to grope him or force the man’s hand onto his genitalia, he said.

“He was almost, from the get go, grooming me,” the man said in the interview.

The alleged victim, who cannot be identified, said the “touchy feely” actor had on one occasion aggressively grabbed his crotch so hard when he was driving him to a party hosted by singer Elton John in about 2004 that he almost crashed the car.

Describing himself a “man’s man”, the accuser recounted that he had threatened to knock the actor out if he did it again, to which Spacey had replied “that’s such a turn on to me”.