VOTE: Cast Your Votes Here In NINE “Viewer’s Choice” Categories At The Str8UpGayPorn Awards

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bestgaypornVoting is now closed for the Viewer’s Choice categories, and the winners will be announced on October 21st. See you at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards in Hollywood!


All of the nominees in 28 categories at the second annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards have been announced, and now it’s time for you to vote in the 9 “Viewer’s Choice” categories.

19 categories will be voted on by the Str8UpGayPorn judges panel, and 9 categories will have winners determined solely by viewers and fans online. Those “Viewer’s Choice” categories are: Favorite Cameo, Favorite Twink, Favorite Daddy, Favorite Crossover Star, Favorite Debut Performance, Favorite Versatile Star, Favorite Scene, Favorite International Star, and Favorite Gay Porn Star.

Please be sure to keep scrolling all the way down to vote in all 9 categories (each category has its own poll, and the coveted Favorite Gay Porn Star poll is at the very end), and remember that you can vote once per day, every day, until voting concludes on September 24th at 11:59pm PT. The winners will then be announced live on October 21st (get your tickets here) when the Str8UpGayPorn Awards are handed out in Hollywood, with host Bianca Del Rio and special co-hosts Blake Mitchell and Boomer Banks.

Congratulations and good luck to all of the nominees!

  • Eclipse

    My finger smashed the mouse so fast when I voted for Helmut that I’m surprised it didn’t generate sparks.

    Also LOGAN CROSS. He’s beautiful and never gets enough credit. Dude rocks my world.

    • peter

      My wildest Logan fantasy would be a Belami feature called ‘Lucky Logan!’, where he gets to ride all those massive uncut Eastern European cocks!

      • Eclipse

        I’m not sure I could handle it tbh. Overwhelmingly hot.

  • SethMaster

    Umm… these nominees are lackluster, very American and vanilla. So this isn’t about best performers just best vanilla American social media whores?

  • SethMaster

    These nominees confirm American gay porn is meh…

  • peter

    Has Logan done a scene with Jack yet? If not, it needs to happen!


    Sean Zevran of course…for everything.

  • FieldMedic

    Thankfully most of the categories had a clear winner for me. Twinks was one of the exceptions where I knew of almost no one in the category and it basically came down to seeing how many scenes of them I had, three of them had two and the rest had none, and then just going with the first name that my mind fixated on.

    • erexshawn

      “favorite” and “twink” never belong in the same sentence in my world.

      • peter

        Hey, I didn’t vote for any ‘daddies’. They make me think of two words: Viva Viagra!

    • Del

      Some of my faves arent even ON the Twink list so I was pretty meh with the choices.

      • peter

        Actually I like them all not just for their looks and performance but for their personalities. I voted for Grayson because he’s freelancing and all the other (I think) are Helix exclusives.

        You’d think Logan’d be on this list but he’s all over the place and doesn’t really need an award.

    • Ty Huber

      I was saddened to see that newcomer Angel Rivera wasn’t recognized on either the twink nor the newcomer ballot, but it also confirmed for me what a flash in the pan he seems to have been. A staggeringly beautiful young man with an unfortunate launch to his career. I hope a “new and improved” version of Angel Rivera is on deck for a comeback to porn.

  • Jbj

    Surprised that Calvin banks wasn’t in the favorite gay porn star category, but jack hunter would be quite deserving, imho. 😏

  • Maximus

    I’m still gagging over Manila’s Wonder Woman cosplay. It’s so on point that Gal Gadot should be mildly shaken. I don’t really care about any of the other categories. All I can say is that I would sleep with the following: Dante Cole, Alex Mecum, Austin Wilde, Jack Hunter, Paddy O’Brian, Wesley Woods. I would hate myself after sleeping with Paddy, and I would moderately dislike myself after sleeping with Dante. I would promptly get tested after sleeping with Alex, Jack, or Dante.

    • c_find

      Why not Wesley or Austin, you never know what people do behind close doors

      • Maximus

        They seem more responsible. I have specific reasons for being more wary of the others.

        • McM.

          What are the reasons?

          • Maximus

            Dante is just out there in the world fucking everybody. I’ve seen a video of Alex barebacking Griffin Barrows. Jack has a villainous look to him.

          • McM.

            All men in porn are out in the world fucking everybody, especially the ones making money with OF channels. They’re too lazy or too stupid to keep model releases so I figure test results don’t rank as a concern. But that “villainous look” part was just funny!

  • Marcus Collack

    crossed over from?

    • Str8 / Gay

      • Marcus Collack

        Oh, I feel like that category is going to have the fewest numbers of votes.

    • Actuallly it’s who does porn with shemales.

    • Bastian

      from being exclusively gay to fuck everything that has a pulse aka cashwhore.

    • peter

      I mentioned this below but ‘crossover’ can also mean porn stars who do feature films, like Nina Hartley in Boogie Nights

  • Public_Gall

    I don’t think Austin Wolf can be called Daddy. He’s not old enough and doesn’t have Daddy Aura like Bruce Beckham or Dallas Steele.

    • Ty Huber

      Watch Austin top Justin Owen back in the day at Randy Blue — compelling Dad vibe there enhanced by the astonishingly youthful and appreciative “son.” One of my favorite scenes and the reason I cast my vote for Austin in this category.

      • peter

        Has anyone considered organizing an intervention for the big JO? He ain’t just a ‘Christian’, he’s involved in this bizarre, Branch Davidian-like ‘Christian Identity’ cult!

        He should have become a Catholic like John Waters, who said “I love being Catholic! All that guilt! I have the best sex!”

    • Benton Fraser

      Isn’t he about 40? Also, have you seen his most recent work? He’s looked nicely seasoned, and has been playing up the Daddy aspect with some much younger models.

  • Not even one nomination for Blake Mitchell? That makes no sense.

    • pronounproblems

      I found it refreshing. He’s so overhyped. He’s not even in the top 5 hottest guys on Helix.

      • peter

        I never thought I’d say this but PREACH!

        Josh, Corbin, Luke, Shane, Joey, Tyler all better looking IMO.

      • realitytvIV

        And he’s douchey and has some superiority complex about being bisexual.

    • Demitri Storm

      That’s because Zach has such a hard on for Blake he wouldn’t put him in a position where he would lose. Watch Blake win a good share of the categories Zach is picking though.

  • Xzamilloh

    If you didn’t vote the way I did, you’re wrong and a fascist and you support Trump

    • David G

      Lol. Love it lol.

  • I did not vote for best crossover actor because i don’t like that kind of porn… But i think the rest has already a winner,.

    • Bastian

      but Zach likes it, that’s why he invented this ridiculous category.

    • peter

      I assume that ‘crossover’ in this context means does gay and straight and straight porn. It also can mean adult stars who go on to work in non-porn features, like the Hedgehog’s turn as the stunt-cock in Parker and Stone’s Orgazmo.

      So far as I know Michael Delray has only done straight stuff with his GF on live shows and hasn’t been in any straight porn features. I like him so he got my vote!

      • He does porn with shemales.

  • David G

    Sean Z’s scenes are always abusive and gross. He’s a gorgeous guy but his porn is reminiscent of the old Falcon movies that were always degrading. With Sean you always have him primarily as the abusive alpha male tossing around some little effeminate bottom bitch. He’s been bottom a few times but it never rings true. Again he’s a gorgeous guy lo look at but his scenes gross me out. No thanks.

    • Ava Maria💋💋

      Yeh that’s the point lol

      • David G

        So is that a good thing? Should that be something we support?

        • Ava Maria💋💋

          I’m not sure but I think it’s sexy AF

        • Fags

    • Marcus Collack

      Don’t they make the majority of whomever is topping in the scene do that though? It’s not just Sean Z’s scenes, and goodness don’t let them be “straight,” 20 minutes of the Jack rabbit and pile driver.

      • David G

        Not at all. It has to do with the director the studio and the “actor”. I follow several tops that dont ever slap their bottoms around and abuse them. SMH

    • peter

      The fantasy, particularly for us pocket guys, it to be used like that by an Alpha Jock/Marine type.

      That said I’d love to see him get pegged by Austin!

  • David G

    I support the Bel Ami boys all around. They are gorgeous, personable and George Du Roy’s movies are usually always demonstrative, artistic and yet still hot. His porn is truly the least exploitative and degrading stuff out there. Kevin Warhol is super sensuous but he is also sweet, adorable and so beautiful.

    • Ty Huber

      Yes to all you wrote and a call for a write-in vote for Kevin as best overall. I don’t find any of this year’s candidates push my buttons very much.

    • peter

      The dubbed moaning always turns me off.

    • Alex Russel

      I also support the Bel Ami boys

    • realitytvIV

      The sex is boring and they’re all straight. Find a different studio to fawn over.

      • Hari Kalyan

        True, most of them aren’t gay. True, the sex staging is a little formulaic at times. True, the models appear to be homogenous automatons. Wait…where was i going with this?

  • Baradude
  • Ney

    The actors that are cataloged as daddy, are 50 years old and up. Because they are older but still as sexy. In the twink category, it is very bad in choice.

    There are better actors who have stood out throughout the year. I think that the categories should take into account the concepts of scenes of good content and quality, and not the old absurd, masochistic and boring pornography. That already happened to history and fashion, now entertainment for adults should generate visual and sexual pleasure, not see scenes that look like rapes with muscular men or twinks who fake again and again the same faces in different scenes. If you are going to reward for a good job, that is for productions that stand out throughout the year (August 2017 to 2018).

    Although they are in few scenes but of good taste and quality. Do not reward an Active that oral sex knows how to give his partner of the scene and that it is the passive who does the whole scene, or the trio that seems that does not leave the basics where there is not a real kiss. SEX must be erotic, sensual, fun, wildly tender and passionate … for that they pay for something they should enjoy and not see in their faces pain but not the good but the disgusting.

    There are good actors that were missing in the list of FAVORITE GAY PORN STAR and FAVORITE VERSATILE PERFORMER, for example Ricky Roman, Taylor Reign among other international actors who have stood out for having a projection of good quality entertainment.

    • Benton Fraser

      Are you claiming that Austin Wolf and Dean Phoneix are over 50?!

    • pje821

      I’d be surprised if any one of those actors is over 50. I believe Tristan and Dean have been around the longest, but not that long. I’m guessing you’re very young.

      • Benton Fraser

        Dean Phoenix is about 45, and Austin Wolf younger still, so you’re correct that @Ney is incorrect.

    • peter

      There comes an age when a gentleman knows it’s time to either turn the lights down or his clothes on.

  • Ney

    You should urgently update your TOP MODELS and be more varied. It is not to discourage some fans of the acotres that are on the list; but for example Blake Mitchell first (always starts scenes with enthusiasm but then it becomes super boring, but compares all of their scene partners who strive to be good but in their faces their gestures of pleasure are so forced. In addition, helixstudio should be called blakestudios because they are so pigeonholed with it, that they do not notice that they have better and more versatile actors, that they provide variety and enthusiasm for adult entertainment), please I am 18 years old and I look this type of entertainment more for style and quality, than for quantity.
    Also if they are going to have a list of MODELS that is more for accessibility and variety to the public and not for benefiting a pornography studio more than another.

    I hope that at least they take into account the diverse opinions of the public, but so that the time is lost. Thank you.

  • CamCam

    Maybe it’s me and I’m fine with it being just me but there wasn’t much to choose from that was exciting to pick. The “Favorite Scene” category was so lackluster i barely chose what i chose. For me being more of an oral guy than an anal one, it was so apparent how mutual oral doesn’t get much love in these scenes and it sucks. I hope and pray that there will be mote mutual oral scenes through the next year so that there will be so much more to choose from where it satisfies EVERYONE

  • tigger500

    These categories are just weird.

  • Bastian

    favorite & crossover in one sentence? lol

  • Chris Lawson

    looks like the oscar categories.. All those nominees and I’ve seen about 2-3 scenes total.

  • stephen

    In many of the categories if there was a none of the above N.O.A would win !


    I voted 4 my boy Sean Z

  • Cosmic

    How does Pierce Paris identify?

  • selina-pcy

    Helix studio

  • jviia

    Here for my boys Myles Landon and Dante Cole