Wait—Why Does Sean Cody’s Brandon Owe Sean Cody Money?

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103Last time I checked, it was the gay porn studios who paid gay porn stars for appearing in their movies, not the other way around. So, why does Sean Cody’s Brandon owe money to Sean Cody?

brandon1Brandon (a.k.a. @King_Jeffdon) tweeted inside information about working conditions at Sean Cody earlier this month, but is revealing his financial situation with the studio in his best interest?

How much money does Brandon owe Sean Cody, and what constitutes a “shit ton”? $5,000? $20,000? $50,000?

  • Blu Del Rey

    They probably requested he pay them, so that they would be able to afford therapy for watching his boring scenes.

  • Gangbang in Monaco

    OHHHH PLEASE………………

  • Bruser

    I don’t “get” Brandon.To say his recent SC performances have been dull and robotic is being generous. He makes a point of tweeting he does not escort. Yet he is always begging or game tickets,boats ect and complaining he doesn’t have enough money to buy the cool type of car he wants. His old girlfriend has taken him back for the 89th time so he’s obviously G4P. He seems to think his “fans” mostly middle age out of shape guys will pay for his skyped physical fitness tips.Brandon doesn’t seem to who his fan base is and what “product” he is actually trying to promote..Clueless much. He tweeted about needing a manager. Any volunteers?

  • sanfv

    Sean Cody/Mindgeek now own Brandon for rest of his life.


    • sexnando


      • cluelesswitness

        it’s Channing Tatum in that Seth Rogen movie about the apocalypse.

  • stephen

    hmm…sounds like there’s more to this story than meets the eye

  • gaycockluvr

    I think he means that he has a lot of money now and needs help managing it because of his stale SC scenes. He wasn’t hired for his brains lol. If he said he was shopping for lawyers, then I would be more interested.

  • C3xxx

    Be the bigger man, SC. Give him one of these and call it a day.

    • HighHighway

      I chalk it up to not being able to speak with you mouth full of cock that you hate……I mean his writing isn;t exactly coming from his brain, Maybe he needs this also.

      • Dale Bergman

        Brandon needs to just start taking cock more often…

  • Xavier

    I don’t understand the dynamics of Sean Cody. Why would Jeff/Brandon owe them money ? Dont they pay him ? It appears some shiesty shit is going on with the Sean Cody company

  • Justin Trenton

    Sounds like he’s saying he owes a lot to Sean Cody for making him a star. Then he goes on to ask for an accountant. He was trying to fit too much into one tweet.

    • sexnando

      i second this.

    • Dale Bergman

      I just went to his Twitter page! What a mess!

      • AJ2

        Bad stereotype of people who do porn

        • Dale Bergman

          There’s always Colby Keller and JJ Knight (who both seem intelligent and level headed). What a contrast!

      • CA

        God I love Judy!

        • Dale Bergman

          I never miss an episode!

    • TalkDirtyToMe

      I think you may be right. That sounds like the most plausible explanation. He makes so much money he needs an accountant and he owes it all to SC.

    • Scott

      I’m in total agreement with you and some other posters on here Justin: He’s simply saying he made too much money with SC last year and has to pay a buttload (pun intended) of taxes. What’s the big deal? And for the record I think he’s hot. Sure he’s gotten a little older but who hasn’t? I’d take him over most of the performers out there. Even his lack of texting skills and grammar perfection make him hotter to me.

    • CA

      Exactly. You usually do not need an accountant when you’re in debt to someone? You need a debt attorney to renegotiate the debt/contract.

  • joe campbell

    What makes me really laugh is people seem to believe the stuff that porn guys say and the studios – when actually I’m sure there ain’t a lot of truth & reality going on ??

  • mills70

    you…shady…bitches…. always running yer mouths sore before any of you know any grain of truth. Sooo much supposition. And The Grand Lodge Master running this site…. Oh just get on with the hate-fest. Bubble-bubble-toil & trouble, eye of newt, etc, etc…

  • Dale Bergman

    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what Brandon types on social media…

    • sexnando

      that storyline was awful

  • Todd

    Brandon will gladly pay you back tomorrow for a …


  • slipperyslope

    I really like how he says, “Obviously”. Like he knows that we know. We all know. It’s so refreshing to get everything out on the table, right up front.

    As his website says, obviously, when you click to enter: “IN OTHER WORDS NOTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU IS NOT MY FAULT, ITS YOURS!”

    Nothing that happens to us is not his fault, obviously. I like that he’s manning up. Taking responsibility.

    My head hurts now, after scrolling through his Twitter feed. It’s his fault, obviously.

  • John McKee

    Going to translate from stupid:

    “So obviously I owe a shit ton to the IRS do to Sean Cody, any accountants that I could talk to?”

    Brandon just got around to opening his 1099 and realized that he owes money for all that boring fucking, I doubt Sean Cody does withholdings.

    • AJ2

      Maybe Vadim can team up with him to scam some desperate folks

  • hotdickcum

    I just find it funny, I don’t know if it’s Str8upgayporn or ‘Brandon’. But to me, it appears that this tweet is nothing but a non-sense, most likely out of nowhere, and been blow up in proportion. In short, Brandon was merely asking money.

  • Stephen

    I actually enjoyed his scene with Blake.

    • Dale Bergman
      • John

        Blake said some awful things in his MTV thingy interview, but watch his performances. He can’t be that good of an actor. He is into it. He is lying to himself and to the viewers to keep up his 100% straight delusion. He is bi.

        • Dale Bergman

          Blake did an MTV interview? Do you have a link?

        • Zachary Sire

          Blake was not on MTV.

          • Dale Bergman

            That’s good to know! I would have been crushed if one of my favorites said “awful things” on national television.

    • Blake it’s one of the best bottoms. Best ass in SC today; why the keep trying to make him top?

  • HighHighway

    We really need to take the word “Star” out of these titles. With thousands and Thousands of guys doing gay porn how are they all called “Stars”?

    • Clusterfuck

      People may quibble about his performances and he may be past his peak but he’s one of the few stars in gay porndom. I agree that the word “star” far used too much like orange tanning oil on Donald Trump’s leathery skin.

      • V Smith

        Star? Most of these guys, Brandon included, are completely interchangeable.

        • Clusterfuck

          You’re welcome to your opinion but the big fuss SC made about Brandon’s bottoming debut and the number of searches about him on this blog are just two of the signs that indicate otherwise.

          • AJ2

            Luckily most gay people have no idea who he is

    • AJ2

      Agreed. Porn models or in rare occasions actors but not everyone is a star, esp when everyone has video recording equipment and Internet access

  • Zealot

    Sean Cody’s official representative has been asked to make a few comments about the rather discouraging situation involving their mega-star talent, Brandon. The conference has started and the Sean Cody spokesperson is now addressing how Brandon was able to amass so much in drafts from his mega-star account, and why Sean Cody has now opted to take action….let’s listen….

  • pangelboy

    From his “fitness” site next to the enter button:

    that happens to you when performing anything told by the creater [sic]. IN


  • john

    I thought SC models werent allowed to have twitter accounts..How long before he starts a GoFundMe campaign to finance his next plan??

  • OverKill
  • Trepakprince

    I think this was just a poorly written tweet. Nothing more nothing less.

  • Matthias M.

    Is there more info on Jason Adonis. I would like to know more…

    • 1234

      Off topic, but I must say what a cute cat!

  • Cbburton

    Pretty sure this is about taxes. Don’t models get paid in full? Like an independent worker. So come tax time they are screwed.

  • Bruser

    I’ve always thought Brandon was Jason Adonis 2.0 Both seem to be on the same career arch.Both formerly pretty white bread dull performers who roided out bottomed once and then faded into oblivion. Last Mr Adonis was pictured trying to drum up some “business” at WeHo a couple of years back.

  • badgamer1967

    the below has more sexual arousal than all of Brandon’s work put together..

  • BoomPow

    It looks like he’s getting a diaper change in that picture. He’s so full of crap, Sean Cody probably advanced him a large quantity of Baby Wipes and Depends. He did say he owed them a “shit ton.”

  • Okosan

    Donald Burns Where Are You, Brandon Needs Money!

    • GN

      The lecherous Mr Burns was oddly enough not interested in Brandon, he was not one of the ones who made his list.

  • Evey time he posts a tweet a fairy dies somewhere.

  • paultacoma51

    That’s an interesting theory. And plausible. It would explain recent horrible videos. But what about the last several years worth?

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    Well he did tweet about making his own videos. Maybe Sean Cody had him locked into some kind of contract and he broke it by making his on videos. There are some holes in that theory though. He wanted an accountant and not a lawyer would be the biggest one.

  • Mike Julius

    “Theory: No wonder all of Brandon’s scenes are so bad. He’s been paid
    to do them months in advance, so when the time comes to actually film
    the scenes, he has zero motivation to make them remotely interesting or
    good. He’s not getting paid again, so he may as well just lie there and
    not even perform.”

    I was wondering why he went from bad to worse. I wonder no more.

  • Maximus

    I get the feeling that Jeff owes a lot of people money, and that none of them are student loan debt collectors.


    • slipperyslope

      Awwwww, SNAP!

  • kevin

    Brandon’s become Sean Cody’s Dawson, without being half so endearing. Dawson was so *flamingly* straight, but he always gave it his best and I loved him for it. Brandon just seems like an operator, so it doesn’t surprise me that he talked Cody Media/Mindgeek into advancing him a lot of cash.

    MindGeek should sell his contract to Paul Morris of TIM. Brandon could dose up on PrEP and shoot “Jeff’s Hundred Load Weekend” or, “Jeff’s Cum-fudge Sundae”

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    He should take a look at IRS publication 4849.

    Signed, an accountant.

  • beariac

    Sometimes ya got the readies, other times ya don’t.

  • Anonymous

    He is an idiot and didn’t pay his taxes, hence the asking for accountants. Sean Cody along with most porn companies pay their models as independent contractors, thus they need to save some from every check to pay taxes at the end of the year.