Walking Dead: California Man Arrested After Stealing Severed Leg From Deadly Train Crash And Eating It

Posted March 24, 2024 by with 0 comments

Our societal collapse is zipping right along. After an unidentified victim was struck and killed by an Amtrak train in central California, another man removed the deceased person’s severed leg from the site of the accident and carried it down the street, stopping to eat the leg before being arrested. As the report above from KGET states, the man was booked on a charge of removing or mutilating human remains and removing evidence from a crash scene.

If you need to see an uncensored version of the cannibal eating the severed human leg, you can watch the video below. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that you haven’t already seen on The Walking Dead or in World War Z. The leg is smaller than I would’ve thought, but he’s only carrying a small chunk and obviously not the entire leg. I think you can see him holding it by the foot near the end of the clip?

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