WATCH: Candidate For Virginia House Seat Creampied By Big-Dicked Husband On Chaturbate

Posted September 12, 2023 by with 15 comments

Given the state of American politics, I would think that being a Chaturbate model would actually help someone’s campaign, not hurt it? Via AP:

A candidate in a high-stakes legislative contest in Virginia had sex with her husband in live videos posted on a pornographic website and asked viewers to pay them money in return for carrying out specific sex acts.

Screenshots of Susanna Gibson on the website were shared with The Associated Press. The campaign for Gibson, a Democrat running for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in a district just outside Richmond, issued a statement Monday in which it denounced the sharing of the videos as a violation of the law and her privacy.


First of all, I love that every mainstream news outlet covering this is making a big deal out of the fact that Gibson “asked viewers to pay them money.” It’s called tipping with Chaturbate tokens, and it’s literally the way every sex worker conducts business on the site. It’s not clear when Gibson originally broadcast her fuckfests, but there were at least 12 archived on a site known for hosting Chaturbate content in September of 2022.

Gibson, who’s running as a Democrat, says the videos—which were reportedly sent to WaPo by a Republican operative—are “revenge porn” and “illegal,” but that’s obviously not true, given that she performed in the live Chaturbate shows for the entire world to see. Had they been personal sex tapes that she and her husband recorded privately, that would obviously be a different story.

People using Gibson’s past career as a sex worker to try and harm her now is antiquated and misogynistic, and it’s too bad she’s not taking pride in the videos. Of course, this is still America, where being ashamed of sex is the default response for everyone, especially politicians. A local news report via WAVY:

As far as the Chaturbate shows, I did watch one of them (it’s here as of post time, but the site is running slow), and while the big-dicked husband looks good while he’s fucking and cumming inside his wife, Gibson spends too much time complaining about how he creampied her before she was able to cum. Then, while her husband briefly walks around naked behind her, Gibson talks to her viewers and says that many of them are “crazy.” On the bright side, whether Gibson wins or loses her race, she still has a hot and hung husband.

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