WATCH: Cybersocket Acceptance Speeches From Sebastian Kross, CockyBoys, And A Banana

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IMG_1267The acceptance speeches at last night’s Cybersocket Awards were mostly short and sweet (i.e., boring), but I captured some of the longer and more interesting ones below.

But first, some hot red carpet action from the Helix crew (above), Killian James’ ass, and Johnny V:

IMG_1261 IMG_1265During an intermission, former American Idol contestant Frenchie Davis performed:

Colby Keller wasn’t able to claim his Best Personality award in person, so he had a banana (played by pal Justin Jorgensen) accept the award on his behalf:

mr. Pam with Marc MacNamara and Kyle Kash, just before taking the stage with Tim Valenti to accept NakedSword’s Best VOD win:


Hall Of Fame inductee Trenton Ducati with newcomer Brendan Phillips:


Adorably hot Sebastian Kross, at Chi Chi’s behest, showing off his abs after winning Best Newcomer:

Finally, CockyBoys (Jake Jaxson, Liam Riley, Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, Ricky Roman) accepting their Best Movie win for Meeting Liam:

  • Todd
  • Zealot

    It was certainly a star-stud-dead night. Practically everyone who wasn’t anyone was there. The red-stained carpet was littered with bare asses and sleeveless t’s which were the creme de la creme of Hollywood glamour. Yes, it was a dress-to-impress evening which had breathless fans literally grasping for their Truvada prescriptions, popper ampules and mini-lubes– which coincidentally were the contents of the super chic and exclusive gift bags. Labels were flashed from every z-list fashion house which makes us wonder how many of these red-carpet wonders might not exactly have be paid for #fivefingerdiscount! And as the evening wore on and on and on, tears were shed, bathroom liaisons were had, and at least three relationships changed status on Facebook. Yes, it was a magical evening. One which we won’t soon forget….at least until the SAG awards next month. On an evening where a banana upstaged all the other phallic-shaped objects in the room, you can’t blame us for being a bit wistful about the whole experience. It’s art imitating porn life, which imitates even the cheesiest soap operas, nay….telenovelas.

    • Xzamilloh
      • Scrapple

        Lol. Zealot’s post killed me, and your Pearl gif gave me life.

    • Goodboy

      Odd that someone who spends so much time on a site dealing with porn has such vitriol for those that work in it.

      • Zealot

        Seriously? You obviously haven’t read any of my posts about porn stars being my heroes. I think award shows FOR porn are a bit ridic– which was the whole point. And how do you know how much time I spend on this site anyway?

        • Maximus
        • Goodboy

          Oh sorry. I’m a newby here and I totally misread that. More of a Kathy Griffin/Joan Rivers/Perez Hilton kind of commentary.

          • Zealot

            No biggie. I’m an acquired taste admittedly. I’ll take the first two references, but Perez? You can keep that one! LOL

      • GN

        Relax, he just Joan Rivers’d it a little bit.

  • andrew

    Sebastian is such a cutie.

  • TheSagaOf

    Completely unrelated but who was the winner for Str8UpGayPorn’s porn star of the year vote? I think I missed the article/thread.

    • Swifty

      It hasn’t been announced yet…

  • S .

    Frenchie. Look how far you’ve come. From Broadway to bubble buts.

  • DPS

    Nice how the crowd had no interest in the acceptance speeches. Kinda make the whole thing a little more unimportant than it was to begin with.

    Ricky Roman gets my vote for poise and marketing quote of the night. “It’s not just porn, it’s CockyBoys.”

    • Kiwini

      The whole award thing for porn stars makes me laugh. Its a bit ridiculous, but why not stroke some egos. Was there an In Memoriam section like the Oscars or at least an Incarcerated? Cockyboys at least probably wins for most female fans on social media

  • Myko

    Where did this awards ceremony take place? Some guys grandmothers garage ?
    It looks pretty small.

    Oh god here comes the Cocks (not in a good way) and another cringeworthy Oscar style acceptance speech. Hear my eyes rolling !!!!!

    • Dutch Courage

      It was in the basement of Zach’ mother’s house.

  • Al

    Oh, my YUM! Sebastian IS adorable! And the cocky boys were equally delectable. Must do raging hot falcon / cocky boys cross over ep with Sebastian topping Levi, Tayte and Ricky…

  • I have watched a lot of gay porn, but every time I look at these award shows I’m like

  • Scrapple

    The podium is a drafting table? That’s so low-rentboy.

  • Maximus

    I see that Killian James was showing his ass literally instead of figuratively this time.