WATCH: Grabbys Acceptance Speeches From Ryan Rose, Liam Riley, Tommy Defendi, Levi Karter, More…

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IMG_9598In case you missed my live tweets last night, I’ve listed all the Grabbys winners below, along with some of the acceptance speeches.

While many of the winners were deserved, several were exact repeats from last year. At one point, I actually thought that the Grabbys just forgot and were re-using the same award envelopes from 2014 (which wouldn’t have been a surprise given all the technical glitches last night). You have to wonder: Why do the Grabbys even bother having an annual show if they’re too lazy to recognize the new and existing talent that keeps the industry alive? Such a waste of time and money—especially for the gay porn stars who had to pay their own way to get to Chicago. Is spending hundreds of dollars (if not more) to sit in a dark room and lose awards to people who’ve already won while Chi Chi LaRue yells at you for two hours anyone’s idea of fun?


Best Newcomers: Tayte Hanson and David Benjamin

Best Actor: Connor Maguire, Dirty Rascals


Best Screenplay: The Tourist, Raging Stallion

Fan Favorite Performer: Rocco Steele

Best Fetish Movie: Foul Play, Titan

Best Versatile: Landon Conrad

Best Blog: QueerMeNow (repeat from last year)

Ty from QueerMeNow has always made a big deal about protecting his identity and never showing his face (apparently being a gay porn blogger in Thailand can get you arrested?), but winning the same award two years in a row has helped him come out of his shell!


Hottest Cock: Rocco Steele

Hottest Top: Mitch Vaughn


Best Videography: Answered Prayers, CockyBoys

Hottest Bottom: Johnny V.

Best Web Content: Falcon

Best Video Site:

IMG_9592 IMG_9583Best Supporting Actor (tie): Tommy Defendi, Dirty Rascals; Levi Karter, Answered Prayers

Best Duo: Ryan Rose and Johnny V., Naughty Pines

Upon his win for Best Supporting Actor, Tommy Defendi announced his retirement in a touching acceptance speech:


Colby Keller is arguably the most popular and well-known gay porn star working today, and he’s easily one of the best—if not the best—performers of the last 10 years. The Grabbys had multiple chances to give him an award last night, and they failed every single time. The worst snub? In the Performer Of The Year category (which goes to two gay porn stars), the Grabbys gave one to Ryan Rose (deserved and predicted) and the other to Trenton Ducati—for the third year in a row. I love Trenton (he deserved to win the first time), but this has to be the most embarrassing mistake the Grabbys has ever made, and they’ve made a lot.

Best Group Scene: Guard Patrol, Raging Stallion

Fan Favorite Movie: Answered Prayers, CockyBoys

Best All Sex Movie: Guard Patrol, Raging Stallion

Best Solo: Brett Bradley

Manly Man: Jesse Jackman


Best Twink: Liam Riley

Best Twink Movie: Scandal At Helix Academy, Helix Studios

Best Web Performer: Billy Santoro (repeat from last year)

Here’s Chi Chi’s monologue, which actually had some great jokes:

At least the Grabbys got a few things right, including Ryan Rose’s win. Here’s his acceptance speech, which he uses to try and recruit model Pablo Hernandez?!

This is Pablo, FYI:

Performers Of The Year: Ryan Rose, Trenton Ducati (repeat from last year and the year before)

Best Director: Jake Jaxson

Best Movie: Answered Prayers, CockyBoys

  • Todd

    “I’d like to thank Truvada, which makes it all possible”

    • andrew

      Condoms also make a lot of it possible.

      • Cosmic

        Like most of those guys use condoms off camera.

  • TK
    • Face Palm

      He’s already gotten fucked bareback on cam, he might as well do something professional.

    • n24rc

      Agreed. Pablo should stay away from porn. Most of the leftovers, from the exodus due to low rates, are cum buckets and dirty juice heads who escort.

      • n24rc

        I retract my earlier statement. She should go into porn – it’s clearly her calling.

      • andrew

        Do you watch any of it or does it cause your halo to dim?

        • n24rc

          I’m of the mindset you get what you pay for, with minimum production values, you get low quality porn and really ordinary guys in porn. NOT That I have a problem with that – it’s just that you should call it amateur porn at that point.

          Some amateur porn is hot, depending on who is in it. But these “legit” productions are getting hot models anymore. I want to see exceptional bodies of human perfection nude. Otherwise, why bother with it? Just make amateur and cam porn.

          • andrew

            Your post here makes a lot of sense to me. Your earlier post where you called guys: “leftovers”, “cum buckets”, “dirty juice heads who escort” just sounded so holier than thou to me, that I made the comment about your halo.

    • Eric from Sweden

      They should try to recruit Max Emerson istead! (the guy standing next to Pablo in the second pic)

  • sxg

    The only thing funny about Chi Chi’s monologue is the Armond Rizzo jokes. The rest is just a fucking bore.

    And you’re right about Trenton not deserving the Performer of the Year award, and WRONG about Ryan winning it. Landon Conrad, Darius Ferdynand, and Sean Zevran were far more deserving for that honor. The only way Ryan is any good is when his costars carry him throughout the scene.

    Mitch Vaughn for best/hottest top was a complete joke. I love Mitch Vaughn, but he was not the best top this past year. To be honest though, the noms in that category are completely lackluster, but Valentin is one of those that should have earned it over Mitch.

    Best Duo, that should have gone to Rogan and Paco, but I’m sure the Grabbys wanted to give the awards out to someone who was actually there. I would have given it to Boomer and Sean, but they probably would have been disgusted having to be on the same stage together lol.

    I really think the barebacking studios should unite and create their own awards, they would probably be far more entertaining and the nominations would be far more interesting since they outnumber condom studios. The same 3 studios don’t have to be nominated in every category!

    Well at least we have The Hookies to look forward to next year, an awards show that the Grabbys only wishes it was! Hopefully they broadcast it online again!

    • Zachary Sire

      You are really in the minority when it comes to your opinion of Ryan Rose vs. how people react to him in the real world. Every time I’m at a public event where he’s in attendance, he is swarmed by tons of fans asking him for autographs, photos, etc.—more so than any other performer I’ve seen. There is usually a line of people waiting for him all the time, LOL.

      • sxg

        10 year old girls say the same thing about Justin Bieber’s singing, doesn’t make him a great singer.

        • Tony161956

          You offering an opinion doesn’t make it fact.

          • Two Cents

            Its opinion for opinion. No one can offer a fact that RR is a good performer. Its a matter of taste.

        • andrew

          He may not be a great singer but he sure is developing into a smokin hot cutie.

          • sxg

            I’ve always thought he was cute ever since he got rid of that stupid bowl cut and started gaining some muscle. Still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a piece of shit.

          • Jay

            While I would not put it the same way as sxg, I would agree that RR’s history of violence against people he was dating and his alleged use of recreational/party drugs (just see the home video of him, Tom Faulk, and Colt Rivers where they tore luggage apart looking for a joint & then RR attempting to conceal what may have been a much stronger illegal drug) does make him somewhat distasteful. If he did not look the way he does, then he would not have gotten the award.

          • andrew

            They were smoking a joint in the hotel room. Have you never smoked a joint or done any recreational drugs?

          • andrew

            Why is he “a piece of shit”?

      • Two Cents

        Why is that Sean Zevran is always passed up? I hear on other blogs that he is not well liked at all in the industry and thats the reason why he never wins awards. I dont know him personally like that so I was wondering if thats the reason. On some of the blogs they even say its because he is of color. I dont follow RR performances because of what Ive seen hes not my thing, but I have to say that I watch alot of SZ (and I can see him pissing off some people) and he deserved it. Other people can back me up on this and you did an interview with him but XL was the best performer this year.

        • n24rc

          I think you are somewhat correct. Not because of his color, but I think it’s his unapologetic attitude.

          He deserved the award because of that scene with Boomer Banks, where they had problems on set and despised each other – but made a great scene. No one could tell from the shoot since it came out great.

          • Two Cents

            Thanks, I can believe that. I guess Sean Zevran is the Katherine Heigle of porn. I dont care for his attitude but hes nice to look at and I guess when it comes to porn thats all that matters.

      • n24rc

        They don’t have to wait. All they need to do is reserve an appointment, when Ryan will do personal appearances on their dicks.

        • andrew

          And that’s a good thing.

      • Aunt Porcus

        I can’t get over his big horse teeth and ugly mug. Just not remotely attractive to me..

        • andrew

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Ryan is in many guy’s eyes.

    • Tony161956

      Your logic, if one can call it that, about Rogan & Paco, doesn’t make sense. They gave the Most Versatile to Landon who wasn’t in attendance.

      • n24rc

        Good for Landon. Why pay for a trip to receive an award that no one gives a shit about. It seems mostly about being a party and hanging out with porn models.

        • andrew

          Being at a party with porn models sounds like fun to me.

          • n24rc

            But can we just get rid of the “excuse” and admit what it is in the first place? Awards that don’t even categorize and include the entire industry are not really valid. You have majority sponsors winning this crappy award.

          • andrew

            You are right about that.

  • Zealot

    For a lot of these nominees, I have to look them up before I can connect to who they actually are. “Oh, THAT guy” I’m usually left thinking. No so for Colby Keller. I know the name, the face, the body and most of his scenes — all of which leave me believing he enjoyed the work and gave his best efforts. If he’s not always into his scene partners then he should get an award for acting, because I’m never left feeling that he wasn’t 100% into his partners. So, for the Grabbys to ignore him year after year tells me they are basically meaningless and exist to fluff certain folk’s (or studios) feathers and have a party. So…(and I mean this in the most loving way possible)….”MEH”.

    • Luca


  • n24rc

    Tommy is leaving porn to produce music and a fashion line….as if we don’t have enough of people doing that.

    • Jay

      [Cue Latrice Royale snapping open a fan]

  • synnerman

    Holy crap Diesel Washington is tall!!

    • JJ

      Yes, he is! He is 6’6.

  • DPS

    It seems that this was nothing less than some incestuous awards with a few outside nods.

    One really has to laugh at the “heart felt” acceptance speeches barely being heard above the raucous crowd who clearly didn’t give a shit about what they had to say. Not much different than the Hollywood ceremonies other than a bit less courteous audience. Granted, it is a much smaller scale and different genre but it really boils down to the same BS that leaves me thinking why bother and WTFF.

    And Johnny (fuck,fuck,fuck x312) V wins best bottom? Buh,hahahaha!

    Levi looked so sweet and would still like to get some dialogue with Diesel to understand him better (if possible).

    • n24rc

      They should do it in the nude cause that is what the crowd came to see.

  • BoomPow

    I’m surprised the stage didn’t collapse from the weight of all the delusion.

    • DPS

      so true!

    • These people are NOT known for the words that come out of the mouths but rather what goes into them…let’s keep it that way….

  • nodoubtfan

    Serious question: does being in the industry and winning these awards equate to better opportunities? I understand wanting to be recognized for your work, but I’ve always been curious on if that really translates to more scenes, commanding higher rates, etc.

    • JJ

      I wonder if it does, otherwise it’s just a waste.

      I wish the gay porn community would have a big night out a few times a year. That would be interesting!

    • Jay

      Nope….winning any of the porn whore awards does nothing on rates. The only one that might affect hourly rates is winning the International Escort categories at the Slutties–I mean “Hookies”

  • Diogenes Veritas

    i would have loved to follow the live tweets except for some reason unknown to me i’ve been blocked from reading the site.

  • Dukein

    All of these people are typical names from typical companies. What about some of the amateur companies or better yet ethnic ones ? What, SC nor CF where mentioned at all. How. And I guess the ethnic awards are best kept separate and in a separate venue.

    • BlkManLuvsPorn

      Exactly. Sean Cody and Fuckermate have great content and not even mentioned. And not one company that features Men of Color were even considered. So why even bother giving this pretty much “all white” awards ceremony any publicity?

    • andrew

      Aren’t those awards just for condom porn?

  • FooFight

    I love the roar of the uninterested crowd as they carry on their conversations during the performers’ acceptance speeches.

    • JJ

      Mariah just loooooooves being the center of attnetion!!!! She’s like oh yes! Oh yes! Oho yesss!!!!

      • n24rc

        I want that bitch to tank so bad. I’ve never liked her, even in the 90’s doing the girl next door routine, I felt she was a total fake and her diva ass was annoying.

  • JJ

    I can’t believe Zac was there! I thought he would be the last person they want there! LOL!

  • Zealot

    From the angle on the opening screen shot of the final clip, Diesel looks like steam punk chaperone for a group of Catholic school boys on a porn field trip. “Hey guys wasn’t this great? Waive to all the nice people…it’s almost curfew we gotta go”.

  • buffy2004

    I agree completely about the colby part. i don’t understand how he didn’t win anything when some or the winners were really questionable. is sad.

  • La Bambi

    Who wants to bet Zach is forwarding the QueerMeNow url to Thai authorities. That queen is not going to best you again.

    But 100% correct on Colby Keller, the Susan Lucci of gay porn. At least the awards are meaningless and forgettable, like the Emmys.

  • Dazzer

    The weird thing about the blogger award is that Zach Sire is more likely to win a Pulitzer for his sterling work as a journalist on the Jarec Wentworth story than he ever will win anything as a porn blogger.

    If I knew anything about the Pulitzer nomination system and had any standing, I’d probably recommend him for a nomination. Not only to scare the nominating committee, but also to test the Pulitzer idea that journalism=journalism=journalism – and in whatever form, excellence should be recognised.

    By being all over the Wentworth story, he’s probably done a better job than some of the journalists who’ll win ‘local’ Pulitzers, many of whom won’t be able to point to their stories that went national. But, because he has naked men with erect penises all over his publication, this will never be recognised by the mainstream.

    And because he has a blog in which he has naked men with erect penises – who he then calls out for their bullshit – he’ll never get recognised by gay porn awards (especially after Duckface has shot his radioactive semen – and enervated advertisers/lawyers – all over them).

    Either way, I still contend that Sire is more likely to get a Pulitzer than a Grabby. Or if he doesn’t, he’s more likely to get a major pay-off from a mainstream news source that has plagiarised the fuck out of one of his stories.

  • Myko

    Ego massaging bullshit for the deluded. The “class of 2015” are no stars !

    • Mark-E-Mark

      There are no “Porn Stars” anymore. Because there are thousands upon thousands of them. A few introduced every week. I heard back in the 70’s-80’s they had gay pornstars. And you are right about Ego-Massaging. Have you seen the GoFundMe Pages and the Amazon Wishlists? I guess they don;t have “Swag”booths at these events. Unless you need more lube or a dildo. hahaha.

  • Mark Anthony Vitelli

    their 14 minutes of fame was over…. a year ago.

  • Mark-E-Mark

    How many of these useless award shows does Gay porn have? I thought the only major one was the AVN awards. What? Not enough “Gay” at those?