WATCH: Here’s Garrett Clayton As Brent Corrigan In King Cobra

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There’s still no trailer for King Cobra, the James Franco-produced drama based on the real-life murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis, but a clip from the film has just been released:

That’s former Disney star Garrett Clayton as Brent Corrigan (and Christian Slater as Kocis), who started his gay porn career at the age of 17 with Kocis’ Cobra Studios. In 2007, Kocis was murdered by rival amateur pornographers who were attempting to lure Corrigan away from him.

King Cobra premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend.

  • McM.

    Arrived early.

    Just waiting for the comments…

    Don’t disappoint me, fellas.

  • kevin

    But this is the movie that should have been made

    • James S. Rants

      omg lol. I’m actually the one who made this fake trailer back in like 2008. That was probably too soon to make the movie though. Sad. Zac would have been great in his early years.

  • sanfv

    Wait you’re telling me that someone in the gay porn industry was murdered?!

    Next thing you know you’ll be telling me they lie, cheat steal, do drugs, sell their bodies, abuse women and children and take raw anonymous loads!

  • kevin

    I still think they should have used Brad Chase, the most important twink since Brent who? He could take care of his own make-up

  • Todd

    I was expecting the preview to be of Brent’s infamous Cobra DVD cover shoot.

    Sorry Brent …. you were hot. But Garrett Clayton is a hotter twink (twunk ?) than you were.

    • sanfv

      Aw! Before Billy Prolapse and his “leaked and loaded” nonsense.

    • kevin

      Twunk’s the word. I think they should have used someone a little more epicene, more believably under-aged. I really think Brad Chase or one of the other Cobra twinkies could have pulled it off.

    • NickDC

      Thank goodness you didn’t post the cover of Brett’s first Cobra film as that was deemed by the feds to be something that rhymes with “piled corn” 😉

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    I dunno, Garrett doesn’t have that air of being right on the edge between hot and hot mess. His teeth are too straight, he’s obviously been in a gym, he’s got a much better haircut, and he hasn’t got acne on his butt. Brent just exuded vulnerability and naiveté. He was a magnet for, well, I think we all know what kind of guys he attracted.

    • kevin

      Young Lockhardt was the epitome of a puer delicatus, a Greco-Roman boy-toy. They were often castrated to preserve their androgynous characteristics, like Nero’s notorious third ‘wife’, Sporus (the world’s first gay marriage?)

      That’s exactly why Franco should have used one of the more epicene Helix twinks, like Brad Chase or Kyle Ross. I’m sure the role didn’t require serious acting chops, and someone who had some real-life experience in the twink-porn business would have lent it greater authenticity.

      Actually, this story might have been best directed by the late Ken Russell

      • OneOfTheManyChris

        I think the story doesn’t make any sense if you don’t realize that Lockhart was under 18, looked younger, was very small, had been homeless, came from a family with…issues, had been living with his dealer/boyfriend/pimp, and all that is why Kocis was obsessed with him. Kids with more resources simply weren’t much use to someone with that much of a god complex.

        Don’t know yet if Christian Slater is able to pull all that off, but Garrett Clayton looks like he could walk away from that situation. For one thing he’s 25, which is a world away from having to get a fake ID just to get a job. Kyle Ross is something 23 now, which is really too old. Of course they would never cast an actual 17 or even 18 year old in a part like this.

        • kevin

          Who’s going to play the Filipino boyfriend who first submitted the photo of sleeping Sean to Cobra and then insisted in marring the masterpiece that is Every Poolboy’s Dream with his fugly presence?

          Brad Chase would have been perfect. And I don’t think he’s 20 yet.

          • 1234

            Got something against Filipinos??? On a side note, you do realize Hollywood generally doesn’t cast Asians. I’ve seen your other comments & expect better from you

          • kevin

            I have nothing against Filipinos. It it bigoted to mention the ethnicity of Sean Lockhardt’s first sorta partner? It sounds like Sean really was one of those homeless gay kids, thrown out of his home because of his sexuality. His relationship with this guy was actually pretty exploitative (food and shelter for sex). Then he gets Sean fake ID, pimps him to a porn company.

          • 1234

            OK sorry- I just wanted to make sure.

  • Sed

    This actually looks interesting.

    • La Bambi

      It’s an incredible too good to be true story – there was a good Rolling Stone article about it – but not sure if this pulls it off. I’ll wait for a trailer, but it’s seriously salacious stuff, god forbid it ends up boring.

  • sxg

    Well isn’t that just lovely. Here’s hoping this film is as commercially and critically successful as last year’s Stonewall, and that the film brings Garrett Clayton as much success in Hollywood as Brent Corrigan had in all of those gay indie films.

  • Zealot

    Aunt Martha and cousin Gert want to shame each and every person who looked at Brent Corrigan on that box cover and had an increase in blood circulation to their naughty bits! Martha tell us– “Frankly, boys he looks like that scampish young rogue from down the street, Tommy Tittles who always tossed his candy wrappers in my yard on the way to piano lessons! He’s an awful boy and does not deserve this kind of attention. Also, he doesn’t look like he’s old enough to be having sexual relations with anyone, let alone himself– which the Ladies Knitting Cooperative discussed just this afternoon over camomile tea and lavender biscuits. They were lovely and really complimented the discussion well, until Myrtle had to mention this young whippersnapper and his candy-soiled fingers doing something unmentionable with his privates. Awful! So shame on all of you for having impure thoughts about this Brent Who-ever-he-is…because he’s too young to be doing such naughty things, and he reminds us of an impertinent young man in the neighborhood that we’d just as soon see far less of altogether. Now go away and do something productive with the rest of your day! Shoo!”

    • Pertinax

      Meanwhile in Sicily…Let this bunch of dikes finger fuck each other, I’ll go home to see the gay porn Carmine brought to me from America. It has this lil’ slut with a complicated name…Well. time to moisten my pants.

  • AussieB

    Garrett recently played gay on ABC new sitcom The Real ONeals

    • NickDC

      Only you would know that as that turd’s ratings are comparable to the lower rated shows on something called CW…

    • sxg

      Wait he did??? Who did he play??? Kenny’s 1st boyfriend I think right?

  • NickDC

    Why is it that there’s no outrage that convicted domestic abuser Christian Slater (who in another case cut a deal on third degree sexual abuse charges) continues to be cast by Hollywood yet Ray Rice is on the blacklist of every NFL team? It’s always interesting to see the double-standard the media has for domestic abusers they give a free pass to and those they crucify.

    • sxg

      Christian Slater? Never heard of that pornstar.

      Why exactly are you bringing this up right here? I’ll just answer anyways. That incident with Christian Slater happened almost 20 years ago during a time when we weren’t as sensitive on topics such as domestic violence as we should have been, like today. There was also no footage of the brawl at all, unlike with Ray Rice. And Christian Slater was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, he even attacked a police officer in that incident. I know, not the best excuse, but Ray Rice was just drunk when he knocked out his then-fiancee and dragged her out of the elevator. The videotape is far more incriminating than whatever details happened in the Christian Slater case without any footage of that available.

      • NickDC

        What are your thoughts on Cosby?

    • Andrew S.

      Stars of the 80s who were/are heinous people benefited from the fact that celebrity culture & gossip aren’t as wide spread as they are now and a lot of the people indulging in pop culture currently were either too young to remember or not born during these events.

      Even Sean Penn’s abuse of Madonna or Mark Wahlberg’s hate crimes are things the average people might not know about them so Christian Slater, who stopped being famous maybe 25 or so years ago, is definitely someone whose career is fine for these reasons (hell, I had no idea he was an abuser until this very comment!)

      • kevin

        I have new found respect for Sean Penn

        • Andrew S.

          how quaint

      • NickDC

        I completely agree with you; it’s enraging to continue to witness the double standard that the media has where some folks get a free pass and others are crucified. (And with Slater the history of abuse not limited to one incident) As a society when we pick and choose whose history of abuse to ignore and who to crucify we expose our biases. It’s troubling. :-(

  • sxg


    If Bryan Hawn is going to have someone else in one of his porn parody videos, he should make sure it isn’t with someone WAY hotter than him. Brad Jan’s body is fucking perfection! And browsing thru his IG acct and who he follows, dude’s got to be gay. And I’m sure he and Bryan have messed around a few times in those 10 yrs!

  • Maximus
  • John

    This is supposed to make us interested in the movie HOW??? What a boring, boring, boring clip. If they couldn’t come up better than this I am NOT optomistic.

  • hotdickcum

    Wait til MEN do a parody of this.

  • Garret Clayton is a gem on Grindr ???

  • pangelboy

    I remember following the trial on some no-name blog on blogspot in my late teens. Can’t believe they’re making a movie out of it. It seemed as if no one in “real life” aka my closeted friends/family even cared or knew about the murder story.

    That clip though…

  • Donttryit

    This doesn’t look so good…and neither does the real life Brent Corrigan nowadays. LOL