WATCH: Jake Bass Runs Naked Through The Woods In “Naked” Music Video

Posted February 2, 2016 by with 17 comments


Jake Bass lends his star power to the gorgeously shot debut music video from singer-songwriter Wilder Green. The track is called “Naked,” and there’s more background on the artist and the song itself at NewNowNext.

  • steve adams

    “If Jake Bass runs in a forest and no one gives a shit, does it matter?

  • Clusterfuck

    “Jake Bass lends his star power???”

    • McM.

      Now THAT’s a side-eye.

      Sanders cut that so hard I was surprised Clinton didn’t require bandages on the spot.

  • Lionel Del Rey

    Awe little Jake is going for an adventure in the woods!

  • DPS

    Just when you thought he was gone…BOOM! There he is!

  • mtxb2010

    Soooooooo I’m just gonna assume I’m the only one who listened to the actual song and wasn’t just staring really hard for C&Bs… Spare yourself the experience people, auto tuners should be banished from the earth.

    • Donald Horn

      Listened to the song. Auto tuned as the fuck. But Jake has really nice eyes.

  • Maximus
  • Gangbang in Monaco

    A HUHHHH….

  • OverKill
  • Xzamilloh
  • brecken73

    I saw this guy recording this song in the corner of a Panera Bread.

    • RavensNationFlacco05


  • RavensNationFlacco05

    22 seconds in and the auto tune was killing me. Not worth watching the rest,,,but good luck,

  • Nana Eristavi

    Well, the vid is a bit pretentious but definitely not bad, – at least, it’s related to the songs lyrics (quite a rare thing, this days).