WATCH: Kathy Griffin Destroys Andy Cohen, Harvey Levin, And TMZ In 17-Minute Video

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gkdFollowing Andy Cohen’s embarrassing interview with TMZ this week (proving how awful and worthless he truly is), in which he pretended to not know Kathy Griffin, Griffin has recorded a video response. First, the Cohen video:

While Griffin drags and exposes Cohen in her response below, she also calls out TMZ and its owner Harvey Levin. Levin and TMZ have been longtime friends and supporters of Donald Trump (this was thoroughly detailed back in June), and as Griffin reveals below, Levin and Cohen are equally bad and equally misogynistic. This is 17 minutes long, but it’s a good reminder of just how awful Cohen, Levin, Jeff Zucker (who formerly ran NBC, and is now running CNN), and most of Hollywood is:

  • Hereweare

    It’s harsh when you have to pick sides between your loyal girlfriend and your fellow gay brethren, but after listening to 17 minutes of her workplace drama, one takeaway is clear: Gloria Steinem nailed it about Andy Cohen. Still waiting for his contribution to society in general, let alone gay society. Anderson Cooper could have handled this better.

  • FrenchBug

    I dislike Andy Cohen and Levin is a POS. So worthy targets.

    However, referring to Anderson Cooper with female nouns (“heiress”) as she apparently proudly did publicly this week, and trying to pretend it is OK because it is “her gays” who came up with that, lost her my sympathy – not a fan of her comedy but she has the high ground in this whole mess, or, at least, she had.
    Let me make an analogy: it is not OK for a white man to use the n-word even if “his blacks” told him it was OK. This, coming from a supposed gay icon, is not cool either, no matter how mad she is at Cooper.

    • She has been close friends with Anderson for years and used this sort of thing for decades – and had decades of gay men telling her that’s okay and embracing it. If she’s using being feminine as an insult, she’s a woman. It’s not quite the same as a racial slur (and definitely not that one, in particular).

      • FrenchBug

        As I said above, I believe that it is tonally inconsistent to be complaining of misogyny while using female nouns to belittle a man. The context is important: she is not referring to a gay friend as “she” while having a laugh. She called him a “spineless heiress” while angry at him and insulting him.
        Secondly, you can use misogynistic tropes while being a woman, the same way you can use homophobic tropes while being gay (see “straight-acting”).
        Thirdly, don’t misunderstand my point as me being actually outraged by it. But I think it betrays what I believe to be the insincerity of her public persona.

    • Stacy

      As a fat queer kid growing up in the 80s I got called faggot daily, which would have been OK if I was getting any dick and not just jerking off to MAGNUM PI. Therefore, I think AC can handle being called a mislabeled pronoun or two. I am a big fan of your commentary, but I hope we don’t get distracted from the world’s real dangers (Trump et al) because we are crying for the poor little rich boy whose boyfriend could be a 1998 INSTINCT coverboy.

      • FrenchBug

        Oh don’t worry. I am certainly not shedding any tear on any of those people. And I am not offended either, believe it or not. I just think she betrays something I have believed about her since she started talking about “her gays” many eons ago: that her love for LGBT is more due to her fanbase turning out to be gays rather than her being particularly attuned to gays.
        In any case, don’t cry misogyny while using female nouns to belittle a man.

  • Bruser

    Harvey Levin = Roy Cohen 2.0

    • Me2

      Yup. Big ol’ self hatin’ mess.

  • #FearlessFanatic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜ

    Miss Kathy read those bossy bottoms Andy and Anderson for FILTH! I hope Andy/Anderson’s New Years special flops like pancakes. Which it will.

    • Will G

      Except for mentioning his tweet, she didn’t say a word about Anderson, surprisingly.

  • Scrapple

    Kathy to Everyone:

    The phone number. The namedropping. The throwing of decades old tea. The makeup. Ms. Kathy was not playing. Yes, Kathy doesn’t always use the best judgment, and that photo wasn’t the best way to after someone like Trump (regardless of his Presidential status). But really, why is she getting an uneven amount of flack for that? She didn’t take the picture by herself. How many people even outside of Kathy and Tyler were involved with the creation and dissemination of that picture? Yet to hear the media’s portrayal of it, this was a one-woman show. I get it, Kathy’s routine is to be bitchy, so something like this is going to make her an easy target. But being a bitch doesn’t mean you deserve to be harassed. Just like being an attractive actor or actress doesn’t mean you deserve to propositioned or victimized. The one good thing about a situation like this is you quickly learn who has your back and who doesn’t. I’m sure plenty of people were giving Kathy the “attagirl” behind closed doors but were quick to pull an Andy asked about it publically.

    Nothing she said about Harvey or Andy is surprising. They strike me as being the unpopular kids who went mad with power after being invited to hang out with the cool kids. Those people tend to forget where they came from while ignoring the people they continue to trample on to maintain their status. I really wish we could get to a point where we can stop playing into this stereotype that women and gay men can’t exist together without being enemies or superficial. Women aren’t evil entities who have to be wiped off the planet. Gay men aren’t toys or accessories. And stop with the jealousy, on both sides. This is real life. Not Dynasty.

  • JP

    Biiiiiitch…. That Video just took all of my energy. She was not only serving the finest Earl Grey but her Make up and that lighting in, i guess in Australia, looked amazing.

    And PS. I never liked Andy Cohen and his shit show, so now I have a legit reason to unfollow that twat.

  • Scrapple

    I loved Sandra, but is it too early to throw in Kathy’s name as a possible host for next year’s SUGP Awards? Think of the headlines. She’d probably do it for a reduced fee and a trunk filled with gay porn. And our community is already under attack, so it’s not like we have to worry about falling out of favor with the current regime.

    • Zachary Sire

      She hosted another gay porn awards show years and years ago (before she was famous and had her own show)….so maybe!

      • Scrapple

        Fingers and other appendages crossed!

      • FrenchBug

        It was an episode of Season 3 of her “Life on the D-List” so she was already “famous” at that point since the first season is what “launched” her a notch above.
        She just wanted a gig that could provide her for some more “Look how D-List I am” material even though she wasn’t at that point. I’m even tempted to be a real cynical ass and say I am pretty sure she wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been filmed for her “reality show”.

      • cluelesswitness

        YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!! #Kathy4Str8UpGayPorn

  • OverKill

    I don’t like that she’s being harassed and her travel abilities have been/are being stifled. This kind of thing should have ended after she spoke with the FBI. So ridiculous. Andy didn’t have to be such a dick either. Just wish her well and be an adult. Really petty.

  • Devin

    Kathy, if you’re reading this I was one of the few people who stuck up for you and spoke out against the fake outrage after the Trump head photo. I’m so glad to see you bounce back and to all of the people who betrayed you or didn’t have your back…fuck em’.

  • Zealot


    • nbtx27

      she is just pathetic. sad to see her self-distruct.

      • Zealot

        So…..not Team Griffin then?

        • nbtx27

          I don’t really give her a second thought. She made a huge mistake, and is now dealing with the consequences. Obviously she can dish it out, but can’t handle the results of her own actions.
          She should just move on- now she instead is blaming everyone else.
          How does that help her?

  • badgamer1967
  • peter

    Zucker was primarily responsible for giving the Trump campaign legs since it made for great ratings. And now he has CNN getting all verklempt over Trump!

  • Two Cents

    Never got KG appeals, don’t think AC is anything special or needs anymore attention, and TMZ is another gossip site so I ain’t got no need for him or it. But I could give two flips bout KG. You don’t spend years beating up and talking about people and then turn around and act surprised when it happens to you. She gets no sympathy from me. You deal in dirt best believe you gonna get it back and when you target powerful people you gonna get back twice as hard…real talk. None of them get any love and she ain’t no hero.

    • peter

      I didn’t find the Trump stunt was particularly funny. She should have gone after something a little further south, and then made a joke about not being able to find it, or mistaking it for a clit.

      • Two Cents

        I thought the whole thing was confusing to be real with you. I didn’t laugh bc I didn’t know what the heck she was tryin to get at. But it was all too much drama about something that wasn’t even brave. The secret service investigating her for that…gthoh!

    • peter

      The line between her and Peg Bundy is pretty poorly described.

    • WhimsyCotton

      It doesn’t worry you that the federal government is persecuting a private citizen for having the audacity to express her 1st Amendment right? That doesn’t at all strike you as odd? That is how democracy dies. Watch or read The Handmaiden’s Tale. We ignore enough small things until the small things add up, and we’re under authoritarian rule.

      • Devin

        When a person says “real talk” after they’ve completed a sentence you should get as far away from that person as possible

        • Two Cents

          If I didn’t say it then what? You trip off how a person says something instead of what they said? Right and people need to run from me.

      • Two Cents

        I thought the whole thing was a stupid publicity stunt by a fame seeking attention whore and it didn’t call for all of that. But that’s not what this video was about. She’s coming for these three me for the same stuff she does. That’s what I’m talking about.

        • WhimsyCotton

          Of course it was a publicity stunt. That’s her act. It most certainly should not have come to that, and we should ALL be concerned that Trump is getting away with this type of authoritarian behavior. It has no place in this country–much like his fat ass in the chair of the desk of the President of the United States.

          • Two Cents

            I feel what you saying, but really Im just talking about what this video was all about. She was coming for three men in HW for doing the same stuff she made her bread doing. Now shes coming for more. Im not a fan of her or any of those men, they all trashy to me so Im not giving her props for this. Now, I think all of the stuff with her being investigated is all bull but I was talking about that part of her video. Thats all.

      • A.C.

        I understand what I believe to be your concern about a possible violation of her civil rights, and more importantly, the precedent it might set for free speech in general. As a free speech absolutist I share those concerns, however, it is important to remember that not all speech enjoys the same constitutional protections as others. Kathy Griffin was not investigated because of her opposition to President Trump per se, she was being investigated because her actions were deemed to be possible incitement to violence. In the same way that a fan at the University of Wisconsin was investigated for wearing an Obama costume depicting him being lynched by another fan, or when Game of Thrones’ producers were heavily criticized for placing former President Bush’s severed head on a spike in an episode, the question that the Secret Service must always answer is whether these pictures constitute the normal exercise of pure/political free speech or a credible threat of, or an incitement to, violence. Neither of the latter are protected forms of free speech. While the Courts have also made it clear that mere acts of violence should not necessarily trigger law enforcement inquiry, when they are directed at the President, national security concerns heightens the imperative to investigate.

        I personally believe that Ms. Griffin meant no harm in her depiction, however, the further question is whether someone viewing this depiction could reasonably conclude that this was a call for violent action against the President. In any other circumstance law enforcement would likely conclude it was not, but when it comes the office of President that benefit of the doubt is withdrawn. Her platform and past statements of animus toward the President made that one photo too much to ignore.

        I am comfortable that we have arrived no where near the dystopian autocratic state we see in the Handmaidens tale; and proof of that is how many people still boldly insult and righteously criticize the President in the most forceful, and at times, profane, and crass of ways (to the delight of many) and are not under any sort of investigation. The dividing line then is when those statements, symbolic or otherwise, seem to rise to the level of threats of violence. Again, I do not believe that was the case with Ms. Griffin, but neither of us, unfortunately, are the ones making that call.

    • Default_User

      For me the problem is like this: she spent her entire career in the last decade gossiping and talking shit about other people as an supposed “outsider” of the entertainment industry. Suddenly now she is complaining that the same industry she trashed does not have her back when she is attacked. She created the publicity stunt with the Trump head to be edgy and controversial, and now she is complaining that a NEWS network cannot stomach the controversy.

      Sure, IF her allegations are true (with KG the grain of salt is constant) about getting on the no fly and Interpol, that’s on the orange one and his cronies, not Cohen, Levin, or any of the people she named. Does she really think Cohen or even Zucker can change the mind of Sessions or Trump? Please.

      • Two Cents

        Thats what people don’t get. They all so busy hatin on Trump (and I get that feelin for sure) that they forget the sort of person KG is and how she made her living. Ain’t none of these hoes loyal (Levin, Cooper, Cohen and her) and ain’t none of them heroes. They cut throats spilling tea when they want to and get self righteous as a cover for their behavior.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Thanks for this story Zach. I was on her side from the beginning and saw nothing wrong with those pictures, other than Trump’s hideous face.

    Listening to her, the entire entertainment industry is a disappointment. I used to think these people were liberals, but they’re not. They’re just a bunch of two-faced opportunists eager to make bank and nothing else. I can’t wait until the internet finishes killing whatever is left of TV and cinema.

  • Marik Ishtar

    You know what I love about this? She never once blamed Cohen’s or Levin’s behavior on them being gay.

    Let me also take this time to offer my condolences for your sister. She loved you just the way you are, so don’t bother changing for anybody else.

    Focus on the positive and have fun in Australia.

    • Xzamilloh

      Oh, she would never. Kathy is way too good for that. She’s lost me with that apoliegy tour she did after the Trump head fiasco, but who would ever pass up putting the tea on the stove and dishing?

  • Xzamilloh
    • Capt. Obv

      This gif is EVERYTHING that has ever been anything.

  • DudeBornIn67

    STILL Team Kathy…

  • Watari

    That new year special is going to be so boring. The only reason anyone watched was to see what crazy thing KG would do. Anderson/Cohen are two predictable TV drones who wouldn’t dare veer from the script.

    • Wickbaby

      Seriously…the thought of watching those two for 4 minutes–let alone 4 hours, sounds like a snoozefest.

  • emercycrite

    Never liked Andy Cohen and this just reinforces it.

  • Slippy_World
  • sxg

    Say what you will about Kathy, but she’s far more politically informed than Andy Cohen and Harvey Levin. As mentioned many times, Harvey is a Trump supporter. He did that shittyass interview with him that resembled any kissassing interview you would see, or in our case hear about, from the FOX “News” Channel. He’ll even go all Jeffrey Lourd on his own TMZ show trying to defend his administration and make some of the most ridiculous claims.

    And Andy is just the fucking worst now. I never watched any of those shit reality shows Real Cunts of Whatever City They Find These Fire Dumpsters, but at first I kind of liked him and found him to be a hot looking daddy. Well I’d still fuck him now, only this time after I’m done I’d probably cut his dick off and feed it to him in hopes he chokes to death on it because that man is a fucking mess.

    All this hatred towards Kathy really stems from Andy getting all pissy over Kathy making fun of his “cross eyes” in one of her specials. Andy is sensitive about his lazy eye that he even spent like 1/2 a chapter talking about it in his 1st book when he believed the lies from his own mother that he didn’t have a lazy eye but not the truth from those that worked at CBS news. He got a rude awakening after his first TV appearance and read the comments section that were flooded with people asking what was wrong with his eye lol.

    Also I have a problem with people who feel the need to out other people. Closeted politicians who vote against LGBT legislation is one thing, but an actor who has never gone against anything LGBT related is another, even if that actor is seasoned and there really should be no reason for him to not go public about it. It’s still in the wrong on Andy. For those who don’t know I’m referring to Andy “outing” Kevin Spacey in his 2nd book within the 1st 10 pages. He mentioned taking his dad to the US Open and said Kevin Spacey was seated in front of them. He went on to shadily say there’s absolutely nothing out of the ordinary that Kevin was accompanied by two youn hot guys and that Kevin was covered in makeup. What’s even worse is the 3rd/recent book he released he spent a lot of time bitching how he got called out on doing that, and not only mentioning it again numerous times, even cried as if he was a fucking victim. He even mentioned Anderson found nothing wrong with what he said, which to me that’s a problem because there is something very clearly wrong with what he said. Shame on Anderson. I could only take 50 pages of his latest book when I told myself, “I’m done with this cunt.”

    Speaking of Anderson, how is it that Andy Cohen is best friends with him yet he’s one of the most politically stupid people in the gay world??? He quickly jumped on the Megyn Kelly Bandwagon when she was denouncing Trump, yet many gays, especially Jasun Mark the director at Titan, quickly reminded him that Megyn Kelly is still a racist cunt who also supported anti-gay legislation during her entire time at FOX. Here’s 1 exchange that I remember.
    So yep. In conclusion, #TeamKathy #FuckAndyCohen

    • Scrapple

      I still don’t understand how Anderson of all people can be okay with outing anyone. It’s not like he has been “officially” out all that long. Even after that Out magazine article was released with his and Jodie Foster’s images on the cover he didn’t come out for another five years or so. You think your privacy should be respected, but other people don’t deserve that same luxury? What the fuck is that?

  • Maximus

    We all know that Andy Cohen is a terrible person; it’s part of his charm. I had honestly never heard Harvey Levin’s name until now, but I recognized his face when I Googled him. This T certainly had salacious details, but the key takeaways were things that the world already knew: Andy Cohen is terrible. The head of TMZ is terrible. The entertainment industry is terrible. Trump and his administration are terrible. Anderson Cooper isn’t perfect, but is generally a good, likable person.

    I don’t approve of the doxxing, regardless of whether Kathy has herself been doxxed. She cedes the moral high ground by subjecting others to the same treatment to which she was subjected.

    I’m familiar with Bonnie Hammer; I’ve seen her speak, and I know her story. I have trouble believing that she deserves to be named among those others who Kathy called out.

    All of that aside, I was LIVING for Kathy’s delivery of those reads. Putting bitches on blast, one after the other, giving zero fucks, all while serving badass lesbian executive realness—it was delightful. I was a fan before, and I am a fan now. You’d better werk, Ms. Kathy. You step your pussy up all the way to Singapore, henny.

    P.S. When is the Andy and Anderson sex tape coming out?

  • The Porn Emperor

    Look, people. That Andy Cohen “interview” is not him “denying” he knows Kathy Griffin. He’s obviously trolling. It’s a joke. He’s doing it so that he can avoid talking about her. I cannot believe all the “reporting” about it has actually taken it as if he is somehow deliberately trying to legitimately deny knowing who she is. You can see him fucking smiling and trying not to laugh.

    And having said that, Kathy would do well to follow his example. This kind of social media rant just makes her look petty and vindictive. Trying to connect her personal squabbles with various execs and colleagues (“Waaah! You didn’t protect me!”) with her Trump picture incident is ridiculous. Her complaints about these people may be well-founded (or maybe not–who knows?), but she’s the one who looks really small, trying to paint a picture of some conspiracy.

    You got a good sense of how thin-skinned she actually is during Season 1 of the D-List. Here she is, basically an insult comic, and they showed her leaving the Tonight Show whining and in tears because she thought Jay Leno was mean to her. She complained bitterly about it, but she has been much meaner to people. And they’re both doing it in the name of humor. Pot, meet kettle.

    I have no real feeling either way about Andy Cohen or Harvey Levin, and I think Griffin is a pretty funny entertainer. But this campaign she’s gone on recently is a huge mistake.

  • PaulieP

    all he did was ask her call him back… i think she overreacted.. who knows what he wanted… and i’m no lawyer but isn’t that slander or libel about what she said about dbag Cohen?

  • theredviper

    She didn’t mention Anderson Cooper much in this vid, but I was a little disappointed with the way Kathy Griffin reacted in the past to Anderson’s reaction to her Trump head pic. She has to understand that with his job, his reputation, and how public their close friendship was he had to denounce what she did. I have a feeling they’re still close friends in private, but have both decided to publicly separate their friendship…. so maybe it was all a stunt on her part as well to show her distance from him and help him as well. I still love them both! Damn, I’m def gonna miss seing them together on New Year’s Eve. :(