WATCH: The Second Annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards Live

Posted October 21, 2018 by with 56 comments

Beginning at 7pm PT, the red carpet arrivals at the second annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards will be streamed live here on this page.
Then, at 8:30pm PT, the entire Str8UpGayPorn Awards ceremony hosted by Bianca Del Rio, with co-hosts Blake Mitchell and Boomer Banks, will also be streamed live on this page.

The live stream has ended, but a recording of the show will be posted soon.

  • sxg

    Ooh what a treat! After spending all day catching cyborg penis looking pokemon i get to come home, relax and enjoy what I hope is some good shade and tea!

    Btw this is beldum, the pokemon i nickname the cyborg penis.

    • Maximus

      Thank you for corrupting that childhood memory of mine.

      • sxg

        Bitch please you know that thought crossed your mind once you found out how much fun dick is and when you noticed how outrageous sex toys can look!

  • HYPE!!

  • Eclipse

    This is the perfect way to end a lowkey weekend spent home with the sniffles and too much Netflix. Where are my damn microwave popcorn bags?

    • James Johnson III

      Get well soon

      • Eclipse

        Aw, so sweet of you thanks :)

    • Maximus

      Gurl, we livin’ the same life.

  • Destiny Ricks

    Is the live stream up for anyone else yet?

    • Eclipse

      I don’t see it yet.

      Edit: It’s up!

      • Destiny Ricks

        Thanks! I see it now.

    • fabuloso

      I’m guessing it’s starting late for the same reason I’m late for work every day. Porn.

  • stephen
    • Eclipse

      Ugh, I miss her. She should just be in everything tbh. True queen.

  • Michael Roberto

    I see the player but I don’t see anything just the logo

  • Eclipse

    The red carpet just started and Sean Ford is already serving an ICONIC look. 🙌

  • I’m glad I came just in time for Bruce Beckham’s delicious face.

  • Eclipse

    WOW Helmut looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m so fucking shook. He’s unbelievably beautiful.

    • Eclipse

      Damn no shade but looks-wise, the BA guys are in another class. Even their suits are top notch. Okay, BA fanboy-ing over lmao.

  • Wendi

    Is anyone else having a problem with the video not loading?

  • Eclipse

    Joey got his braces off and he traded them for one of the most beautiful guys around. He and his BF’s suits though! Damn!

    Johnny Hands has me swooning too. He got even hotter somehow wearing those glasses and that suit?

    AND Josh and Corbin looking hot as hell? Stacked team lmao.

  • BLAKE!! <3 <3

  • Eclipse

    Manila slaying with the Diana Prince realness.

  • TheUnSpoopyComedian

    Ever gonna fix the audio or is it mono the whole show?

  • AAAAAAAHHH!! <3 LET’S GO! <3

  • Maximus

    Ooooh! I didn’t realize that this was happening tonight!

    All right, ladies! I expect to see at least this level of award show shade:


    Same, girl. Same.

  • TheUnSpoopyComedian

    Audio is still just a fuckin nightmare.

  • Kenna Nauenburg

    Carter Dane looks stunning as usual, I kind of can’t even with Calvin Banks.

  • Bianca is amazing! Work it, gurl!

    • Hari Kalyan

      Does she get paid by how many times she can use the F-slur. Its kinda tired after the first few times.

  • TheUnSpoopyComedian

    This motherfucker needs to learn to look up instead of reading his lines straight off the paper.

  • Maximus

    Bianca is a treasure, per usual. I love to see Miss Diego expressing her inner queen with those heels and that stunting.

  • I want to give Diego the biggest hug.

  • Hari Kalyan

    wow this going extremely slow and tech problems…gonna call it a night and just watch the replay later


  • All Audio Has Dropped From The Feed! Where are the improvements from last year?! Just dipped back in now! Hope all speak loud into the mic or improve the level of it to the max, Get it done there hosts! Not sure this can be fixed in repeat broadcasts?!

  • Maximus

    Why do they have straight men working the AV equipment? Were there seriously no lesbians available?

  • JOEY AND LEVI! YAAAAAAS! Loving all the winners so far!

  • Yes! Tyler! <3

  • Had no idea of Levi’s speaking voice. Telling, I don’t watch much CockyBoys!

    Production: The podium is large enough to hook up two mics?! Anyone find it ironic the music played is the loudest thing of show?! I would presume music stars don’t check for copyright on Gay Porn Awards?!

  • Eclipse

    WOOH! Helmut won. My fave <33 Lmao I def made up at least 30% of those votes XD

  • I love Silvia’s outfit.

  • Eclipse

    Nick Masc up here distracting me from literally everything going on on stage. Fuck me he’s so fucking hot, damn.

    • Zachary Sire

      he’s even hotter in person it’s crazy

      • Eclipse

        I don’t know how you do it, Zach. I would probably get lightheaded and pass out in a room with this many perfect guys. I’m pretty sure I would astral project out of my body of I met Helmut.

  • Maximus

    Alaska looks gorginta! Her ass is padded for Gay Jesus!

  • Okay, I think at least two of the Faternity X are piss drunk.

  • Eclipse

    Vincent O’Reilly was robbed.

  • Eclipse

    I just choked on my water at Bianca’s REO Speedwagon joke.

  • …Speedwagon?

    Did Bianca just make a JoJo reference?

  • JOEY AND KYLE!! <3 Loved their scene, so happy!

  • Can the DJ for the evening please post us a link to his play-list? Pass it on Zach much appreciated!

    • Eclipse

      I was literally wanting to ask this lmao. A lot of it is in my repeat hits but I’m too lazy to go through and get ’em all. I’d just like a Str8Up playlist to work out to lol.

  • Cazwell..seizure graphics.

  • Eclipse

    If ever a studio deserved a gay porn lifetime achievement award, it is BA. The first gay porn scene I ever saw was a BA scene and to this day, they remain the only company I have continued to love. All of the kudos!