WATCH: Michael Del Ray, Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Chi Chi LaRue, And Chris Crocker Let Loose In Twitter Video Thread

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chirpmrdccI’ve covered thousands (millions?) of fights, wars, powercouple break-ups, instances of shade, meltdowns, subtweets, and more involving gay porn stars on Twitter over the years, but this extended, elaborate, and wide-ranging conversation that went down last night between several stars is the most entertaining thread I’ve seen in years, and no one was even fighting! It’s not clear what prompted this (but thanks to whatever or whoever did), but here’s a thread full of videos started by Michael Del Ray, which includes replies from Chi Chi LaRue, Chris Crocker, Dante Colle, and Pierce Paris, and a brief appearance from Logan Moore. Can we give them all a talk show?

I tried to keep most of these videos in the order in which they were posted, but there’s a little bit of jumping around near the end, given that were multiple replies/conversations going on at once. It all started with this one from Michael Del Ray to Dante Colle:

  • No_No_No_Yes

    LOL! I wish they did shit (ha) like THIS more often. WHY does Pierce look so much hotter on a cell phone video? Fuckin awesome, thanks Zach!

    THIS made my day.

    • Stacy

      Not only does he look hotter, the personality is amazing….

  • Neil

    Tedious. Very tedious.

  • No_No_No_Yes
  • Pinko of the Grange

    Falcon dropped the news this morning,. Chi Chi is directing her 1st condom-less feature The Pledge. It looks like after 30 years Falcon is losing condoms on its main imprint in 2019.

    • I knew it was going to be that she was doing BB. She will be called a hypocrite considering how her vehement stance on condoms in porn.

  • Maximus

    Did we ever have a conversation about what happened to Chris Crocker? Where did the “Leave Britney Alone” version of her go? Is she no longer trans? (I’m going to keep using female pronouns regardless.) Was she only ever a drag queen, and am I just not remembering correctly? Didn’t she film for Duckface’s studio at one point? I assume that led to some problems, no? Is she still doing porn? Is she currently emotionally stable? So many questions.

    • JasCo

      Do we really need the answers though?

      • Maximus

        “Leave Britney Alone” was a seminal moment in my queer development. As a suburban high school gayby, Chris Crocker was one of the first transgender/gender fluid people to whom I was ever exposed. I want to know his/her/their T!

        • JasCo

          Fair enough, but it reminds us just how said the world was when there were so few examples of LGBT people in our lives that Chris was an important figure in your development.

    • Marcus Collack

      He was going to transition, but decided to fully embrace his man side, let the dye job go, got a boyfriend, shot some porn with maverick men, broke up with boyfriend I think, and Brunette Chris won out. Just think Mark Paul Gosselar sans porn and Crossfit, similar journeys.

      • FrenchBug

        I am not going to lie: I thought CC around the porn area was kind of good-looking actually.

      • Maximus

        That sounds like quite the ordeal. I don’t envy people who question their gender identity; they certainly don’t have things easy. If expressing himself as a man is what makes him happy, then I’m happy for him. However, I can’t cosign on his choices to do porn with Maverick and Duckface. Those were poor decisions.

        Had to Google Gosselaar. I recognized him as the lead character from Saved by the Bell. He’s unrecognizable now, though. How did he go from cute and boyish, to studly and handsome, to rotted and ugly? Meanwhile, Mario Lopez hasn’t aged a day and is looking extremely fuckable.

    • Cosmic

      He’s still annoying that’s for damn sure.

  • JasCo

    What a childish bunch of crap that was.

    • You obviously have zero sense of humor.

      • JasCo

        There was a funny moment or two, but it was still childish.

  • Marcus Collack

    Epidermally (yeah I said it Catch up) This is Hilarious
    Subcutaneously (if you haven’t caught up by now…) Michael Del Rey is a bit of a hot mess.

    If you have that much of a coke problem (by doing cocaine, you have a problem) that you are $hitting on yourself…time for reflection.

    sidenote: Chris Crocker’s deep voice…could totally voice a character.

  • Hari Kalyan

    So…porn set shit stories? mmk thank u next

  • Kamikapse

    Almost 2019 and we still have to deal with Crocker?

  • Bazon

    Pretty clearly staged

    • What makes you say that?

  • That was fucking great. Love how Michael owned up to the incident. Speaking from experience it is best to own up to an embarrassing situation like that because then you can control the narrative better. Plus it is fun to see a different side of these guys.