WATCH: Mitch McConnell Suffers Stroke During Press Conference

Posted July 26, 2023 by with 19 comments

Move over Dianne Feinstein, there’s another incapacitated ghoul looking to snatch the crown as the most brain dead asshole in the U.S. Senate. Here was useless Kentucky corpse Mitch McConnell having a stroke in front of colleagues and a gaggle of reporters during a press conference today:

McConnell was led away after the video above cuts off, but he recovered and returned about 15 minutes later. Per Axios, an aide said that McConnell “felt lightheaded and stepped away for a moment,” but he was then able to “come back to handle Q and A, which everyone observed as sharp.” LOL, right.

With octogenarians (and nonagenarians!) having strokes on live TV, falling down Air Force One stairs, speaking incoherently, and being pushed around the Capitol in wheelchairs while asking, “Where am I going?” the United States government being a Weekend At Bernie’s reboot is of course no longer surprising, but it is a lesson that should remind everyone of how worthless, ineffectual, and truly empty this country is. Owned and operated by lobbyists and corporations, U.S. politicians are propped up with canes, wheelchairs, drugs, and frazzled staffers for as long as they have a pulse (and even that’s debatable) to do the billionaires’ bidding. Then, when one of them finally croaks, the next bought-and-paid for creep is placed onto a ballot and put into office by voters who are either brainwashed into thinking their vote matters, or who are merely trying to pick the lesser of two evils to salvage whatever’s left of the Supreme Court. Either way, time’s about up for the good ol’ US fuckin’ A, so it doesn’t really matter. Just enjoy the freak show and watch the bodies rot in real time.

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