WATCH: Here’s Stormy Daniels On SNL With Alec Baldwin’s Trump

Posted May 5, 2018 by with 12 comments

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 9.17.10 PMFresh off this week’s news that Donald Trump knew about and arranged that $130,000 hush money payment to her just before the 2016 election, porn star Stormy Daniels appeared on Saturday Night Live tonight, making a brief cameo in the cold open skit alongside Alec Baldwin (playing Trump) and Ben Stiller (playing Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen). Here’s the clip, in which Stormy helps deliver the show’s iconic opening line, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

  • BlkManLuvsPorn

    Too funny! LOL…and why do I feel this Stormy Daniels drama is what will have Donald impeached!

    • G. Lo

      This Stormy Daniels-Donald drama makes juicy stories to follow but does anyone actually think this will pressure him to resign? I’m holding out on Mueller’s investigation to bring more substantial crimes to light after the Blue Wave comes through in November. Best bet is to make this chud’s agenda impotent with a take over in Congress and rail on him with the Mueller findings until we can vote him out in 2020. Join the DSA, people! <3

      • n24rc

        The pee tape will leak in the fall presidential election cycle, no one wants dimwit Pence(who bankrupted indiana). No impeachment until after midterms, then neutralize the admin’s power and influence by future revelations. That’s how this will play, and Nikki Haley will run on the GOP ticket as a mia culpa for the embarrasment of the era.

        Finger crossed Sanders drops dead, and some new Dem blood can be like Obama was in 08.

  • McM.

    Fuck SNL.

    • Hereweare

      Fuck Traitor Trump.

    • Marcus Collack

      Cause it’s just SNL right, not the Horrible, treacherous decisions he makes one after the other, over and over and over, and over again.

      • McM.

        While as a presidential candidate Trump hosted SNL and through carefully curated “jabs” was afforded unprecedented exposure and further normalized to an American audience though he is woefully out of touch.

        Now the show’s producers want everyone to he-he-haw-haw (snort) along as they play both sides and make fun of the president.

        So, again: Fuck SNL.

        • Xzamilloh

          I get what you’re saying…. it’s like Michelle’s Wolf’s jab at mainstream media, how they created what Trump is now and they are all making money off of it while never admitting that they need him to say as much stupid shit as possible because it boosts ratings, sells books, and brings in the moolah

        • Hereweare

          Although you’re right, don’t you think it’s much more true about the MSM? They gave him 24/7 air time, never calling out his provable lies, all to giggle their way to higher ratings thinking he would never be elected. SNL is on TV once a week, but tRump enjoyed 24 hr coverage with no challenges.

          • McM.

            The mainstream media continues to fail the American public, focusing on stories about Stormy Daniels and other Trump and Administration shenanigans instead of reporting on laws passed and measures taken that deserve a much larger conversation. The US Attorney’s Manual, used by federal prosecutors in every state and lawyers throughout the Justice Department was revised and updated. Bit by bit. The section on the “Need for Free Press and Public Trial” was removed from the media contacts policy.

            “Likewise, careful weight must be given in each case to the constitutional requirements of a free press and public trials as well as the right of the people in a constitutional democracy to have access to information about the conduct of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and courts, consistent with the individual rights of the accused. Further, recognition should be given to the needs of public safety, the apprehension of fugitives, and the rights of the public to be informed on matters that can affect enactment or enforcement of public laws or the development or change of public policy.”

            The removal of the above directly impacts how the US Justice Department interacts with the press and how it informs the people. The Fourth Estate has mindbogglingly decided against reporting this.

            Trump is dangerous, and I’m tired of laughing at him because it minimizes exactly what he is doing. With him being at the forefront at all times people forget that Sessions is dangerous, and Pence is dangerous. Those two know the laws, and esoteric governmental functions, and how to accomplish goals as quietly as possible. When the public is distracted they get to work.

          • Hereweare

            That’s been tRump’s M.O. from the beginning. “Look over here”!
            After reading what you wrote, I did a search and could only find that story @ NY Mag and @ Buzzfeed. Oh, and The Independent, a U.K. publication. Unbelievable! How can that not be a MSM piece?
            Couldn’t agree more about how dangerous tRump, Pence, and Sessions all are.

  • Hereweare

    This whole opening was SO hilarious! Their best in a long time!