WATCH: The Second Annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards Ceremony, Hosted By Bianca Del Rio, Blake Mitchell, And Boomer Banks

Posted October 25, 2018 by with 8 comments

For those who missed the live stream on Sunday night (or for those who just want to re-watch your favorite moments), here’s the full recorded broadcast of the second annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards, hosted by Bianca Del Rio, with co-hosts Boomer Banks and Blake Mitchell. The ceremony was presented by Flirt4Free and held at Avalon Hollywood, featuring live performances by Cazwell and Mayhem Miller. Thank you to the hosts, performers, and presenting sponsor Flirt4Free for making the show possible, and to our additional sponsors at GayVN, Orbital Pay, and Mr. Man.

Finally, I want to personally thank Boomer, Blake, Bianca, trophy boys Alam and Nick, and all 34 of the presenters during the ceremony, whom I worked and coordinated with in the weeks leading up to the show and throughout Sunday night. Each of you made the show complete—not to mention funny, classy, sexy, and truly unique. While I was going nuts backstage all night, all of you were right on cue and never missed a beat, holding the show (and me) together. I cannot say thank you enough to: Diego, Ben, Bruce, Josh Brady, Josh Moore, Manila, Jacen, Phillip, Austin, Roma, Alaska, Sean, Brent, Liam, Helmut, Silvia, Wesley, Kevin, Carter, Pam, Marc, Tim, Jamie, Jeff, Corbin, Beaux, Cameron, Lance, Grayson, Greyson, Pierce, JJ, Dante, and Joey.

Seeing so many deserving people and studios winning awards is an award in and of itself for me, but the greatest part of the night is just seeing everyone (the nominees and their guests, performers, fans, producers, directors, studio owners) coming together under one roof to celebrate each other. Thank you to everyone, and we’ll see you again next year!

  • James Johnson III

    Yes! I couldn’t watch live and I stayed away from the winners list post just so I could fully enjoy this and I can’t wait to see that sexy singer Cazwell working it out! Thank you for doing this, y’all!

  • Tellingthetruth

    Bravo! Very impressive! Had all the elements of a major mainstream award show!

  • James Johnson III

    This is my Saturday afternoon viewing after a hella busy week. I’m a grateful boi!

  • Love how Madonna was played during several of the moments when the winners were making their way to the stage. Great show. Someone said that they thought Austin Wolfe was stuck up I did not see that at all. I thought he showed he was able to take some teasing by not backing out of attending the show when the whole Delta thing became public. He took it all in stride.


    Aww, Diego Sans was crying. He’s such a sweetie. I loved him a little more after seeing this.

  • Ty Huber

    Very enjoyable. I thought the BelAmi boys were especially charming. A few notes for next year:
    1) Neither Blake nor Boomer is a natural emcee or gifted at improv; consider other hosts or more rehearsal 2) Some more cutaways to the crowd would be good, especially some closeups of the big stars. 3) That boom mic setup looks cheap. 4) Don’t keep having hosts badger the audience with “So how’s everyone doing? Y’all having a good time?” 5) Doublecheck titles (Grayson Lange’s name appeared on Greyson Lane’s scene — and it was cute having these two models appear side by side). 6) Have upcoming presenters loaded in the wings and ready to enter on cue. 7) Musical numbers didn’t enhance the show, IMHO, and seemed like filler.

    • DallasTexasSon

      ^^^ Listen to this guy. Great feedback.
      I would add that I thought BDR detracted from what should have been a celebratory, fraternal atmosphere. If i wanted to hear poorly crafted “humor” interlaced with hateful gay epithets, I’d hang out with my Trump-loving family.

      • Mark Clavecin

        I have to agree with your first sentence. All the Belami boys were gracious and breathtaking in person, especially Helmut and Nils. Sean Ford looked hot, not so Joey Mills.