You’ll Never Guess What Cliff Jensen Did After Being Released From Prison This Morning

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cliffariIn February of 2015, horse-hung gay porn star Cliff Jensen was arrested in Los Angeles on a fugitive from justice charge. He was then extradited to Florida to serve out a prison sentence stemming from a previous grand theft auto conviction. Today, nearly 18 months later, Cliff Jensen has been released from that Florida prison.

Just hours ago, Cliff Jensen did what anyone would do right after being released from prison. He posted a naked selfie on Twitter.

cliff1After being out of prison for less than eight hours, it’s great to see Cliff Jensen back on Twitter and interacting with his loyal fans. This of course means that it won’t be long before he’s back to shooting gay porn. But which studio will hire him first?

  • OverKill

    More than likely he’ll go shoot with, don’t think he’ll go bareback. Hopefully he gets a scene released soon. He’s always been a good performer.

    • kevin

      Perhaps he can’t go bareback

      • Hotpocket_cub

        He’s already done a bareback scene lucas films. Look it up.

        • Billy C

          I think he meant that prison might have changed his health situation, thus he’d be unable to now.

          • Hotpocket_cub

            Most porn stars have some kind of std and there are tons of bareback studios that have hiv+ stars. Some of the studios are based on being positive.

          • Billy C

            I’ve read some idiotic and ignorant posts, but this is top for 2016 to date: “Most porn stars have some kind of std”

          • Hotpocket_cub

            Guess you didnt know that herpes amoung other thing runs rampent?

            Guess not. Peace

          • Billy C

            You don’t need to reinforce my point, but feel free.

          • Michael In Atlanta

            I’m an Eldergay who feels lucky to have never caught herpes. So many of my friends did. Then we got HIV…

  • SuperSophisticatedOne

    I could easily see him fitting in at the FratX house. But let’s be realistic! He’ll end up where all the others go to fuck Johnny Rapid’s worn out ass………..Men dot com!! LMAO @ Chaturbate. I doubt that would last long enough

  • Zealot

    Cliff’s inner child reacting to news of his pending release…

    She then asked for a Malibu Barbie, tickets to Frozen the Musical and a tea party with Dora and Sponge Bob.

    • beariac

      I’ll buy the Barbie as long as creepy girl LETS THE BEAR GO!

      • Zealot

        I understand your concern…but no one has heard from sock monkey since she got stressed out over having oatmeal twice in a row for breakfast.

  • sxg

    Did he push a brat out of his asshole while he was in jail? He’s got some major birther hips going on, and you can’t always blame shitty food on those.

    I didn’t miss him nor am I looking forward to seeing him return to porn. Other than his dick there was absolutely nothing special and nothing memorable about him and his egg-shaped head.

  • CA

    Do we know if his jail attack story ever proved true?

    • Billy C

      It SEEMED at the time that while the attack may or may not have been true, there was only suspicion that it wasn’t true, no facts ever published. What was (sadly) true is that he served the time in Florida for crimes that resulted in convictions and for having skipped parole and having “gone fugitive”. And despite the assertions of his “supporter” who tweeted about the attack, the allegedly unfounded arrest in California was not entirely inconsistent with his past actions and behavior. No matter. He’s an enjoyable performer, GfP but believably eager and competent, and I for one (my husband isn’t too keen on him – WTF) would enjoy his return.

  • Scrapple

    Of course he’s already posting naked selfies. “Ain’t nothing goin’ on but the rent.”

  • Mike Julius

    I always found him sexy. To the last question: don’t care as long as it’s soon.

    • lordgabux


  • Greg

    He’s a trashy ex-con, but I still prefer him over Sebastian Young. Just saying.

  • Andrew Simpson

    I hope Cliff REALLY learns his lesson because I am sure being in prison was not fun especially for a good looking young guy. Hopefully this time Cliff has a PLAN. Do the gay porn for sure but have a back up plan like find a skill get a job somewhere. I think Cliff should go to Next Door Studios hope and pray he ends up on the raw site but not sure if that is his thing. I do hope Cliff does BOTTOM eventually tired of the total top bullshit. Even so called total tops like Mark Long, Derrick Dime, Johnny Torque are bottoming because they know that fans are fickle. Porn fans really expert more from the performers doing the same thing is old.

    • lordgabux

      Yeah. I truly want to see him taking some serious pounding, I don’t care if it’s bareback or condom, just give the guy some cock already.

  • ShadowC0N

    He’s out! Who knows, he may not go back into porn, or even gay porn. But I loved watching him suck dick. And his lips are nice.

  • Oprah

    Welcome Back!!

  • Oprah

    His scenes with Tyler Sweet,Kurt Wilde and Tyr Alexander aged so well I still use them today.
    I need a full movie of Cliff just pounding twinks.

    • Donald Horn

      I would love for him to fuck Johnny Rapid.

      • JROBGF

        Oh – and I was wondering it was that hadn’t…

    • James Johnson III

      The scene he did with Kurt Wild at Next Door twink still stands the test of time for me…and his scene with AJ Irons

    • Billy C

      That’s an awesome idea – the ex-con, making up for lost time and grudge-fucking out his frustrations after having been various bubbas’ bitch for all that time.

  • kevin

    Why isn’t TIM an option?

    • SuperSophisticatedOne

      I could NEVER see Cliff Jensen working for the likes of Paul Morris. No way in hell! Treasure Island is too low, even for him.

      • GN

        Both Colby keller and Christian Wilde appeared in TIM productions. Mind you, they did not have bareback, but nonetheless.

    • DTG

      Yuck. Why would it be?

  • kevin

    CockyBoys. They seem to like tattoos

    • SuperSophisticatedOne

      Be honest, I could see him doing CockyBoys too. He would be a good fit for them. One thing I’ve always liked about him, is that he can fuck some ass!

    • Spongey

      Can he even leave the state of FL to film anywhere but there?

      • Billy C

        Excellent question, since we don’t know if he was re-paroled or if he’d served the remainder of the sentence that he was extradited for from California after he was arrested there. (Jesus – I have been married to an attorney long enough that I’m beginning to sound like one! LOL)

  • kevin

    Helix. Seriously, He could walk in on Brad Chase putting on his foundation. Makes Brad put on lipstick, rouge, mascara like one of the prison bitches on Oz, starts calling him ‘Diane’

    • Billy C


  • Maximus
  • James Johnson III

    Best news all week! Cliff is free!!! So happy for him and I don’t care when or if he does a scene as long as he’s out and happy

  • lordgabux

    I totally see him as a Fraternity X dude hahahahaha
    Let’s give him some good meal and take him to cockyboys.

    A battle between Gabriel Clark and him could be epic!

  • sanfv

    Of course he did…

  • DTG

    I have always wanted to see Cliff do a scene with Ty Roderick. I don’t know what it is, but the two of them have always reminded me of each other. They don’t look alike, but they have a very similar “presence,” sort of like Colby Keller and Paul Wagner. Anyway, I hope he does not do any bareback porn. Hopefully being in prison gave him a more mature perspective of life to where he’d be smart enough to not land at any studio that promotes that. is the best choice here.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Does Cliff Jensen got a counsellor or a life coach? I am serious Cliff clearly needs some guidance in his life he is a young guy should not be wasting his life. I got no problem with him doing porn BUT surely he can find some skill and get a job down the road. Porn will not last forever you know. He needs help in his rehabilitation so that he does NOT go back to prison.

    • Billy C

      He and so many others.

    • R.A.M.J

      Him and about half of other gay porn stars.

      • Billy C

        I was referring to prior offenders in general, but your point has merit, too can we add performers in general – porn and “legitimate”?

    • Frank Ohara

      I think this is the most important issue about Cliff Jensen. He needs to get a kind of counsellor or even a sugar daddy who likes him and has life experience to guide him and give him some perspective. He is too young and easily he will be lost again and back to prison.

      • Andrew Simpson

        Cliff does NOT need a sugar daddy I think that would be a terrible thing for him to be reliant on another person. Cliff needs to become INDEPENDENT FINANCIALLY on his own. If Cliff wants to back to gay porn that is fine but he needs to think about the bigger picture. He is a young guy all is not lost. I know some guys only see porn models as a piece of meat but I heard he got beat up in prison. This guy needs to get his shit together ASAP! If Cliff got family they need to be there for him. I just hope Cliff has some sort of support system I know he probably has a parole officer but this guy can turn his life around if he wants to.

  • marcuz86