About Us: What Exactly Is Str8UpGayPorn?

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Two adult industry insiders, Zachary Sire and Davyd Dixon, are proud to announce the launch of a brand new news and entertainment megasite covering all facets of the gay porn industry, the aptly titled Str8UpGayPorn. With a daily focus on breaking news, opinion, and analysis of industry trends, Str8UpGayPorn’s Editor-in-Chief Zachary Sire will shape the conversation and frame the debate for readers wanting the very latest in gay porn.


Additionally, Str8UpGayPorn delivers new release and casting updates, hardcore galleries and trailers, trending studios and performer charts, plus daily news on gay culture, sex, politics, entertainment, and more. In short, Str8UpGayPorn is the one-stop destination for all things gay culture, gay porn, and everything in between.


The brainchild of marketing and public relations guru Davyd Dixon, Str8UpGayPorn was initially conceived over a year ago, and with the recent naming of writer and journalist Zachary Sire as Editor-in-Chief, the site’s infrastructure was complete. Dixon and Sire’s vision for Str8UpGayPorn is to cover the adult industry with one agenda: That there is no agenda. While today’s media—whether it be mainstream or otherwise—seem to pay lip service to their advertisers through glowing reviews and toothless regurgitation of press releases masquerading as “news,” Str8UpGayPorn publishes the good, the bad, and the ugly hard truths that readers crave and some in the industry fear. As the site’s tagline reads: No Filter. No Agenda. No Censors.


“I’m thrilled that this project is off the ground, and I couldn’t think of anyone else who I’d rather launch this with than Zach,” says Davyd Dixon. “He is one of the only people doing true opinion writing, and his voice is something that the industry not only wants but actually needs. I thought Str8UpGayPorn was the perfect platform for Zach to shine, and I was right. Even though we just launched, the site is chock full of fantastic stories and entertaining news items from left to right! In the first six days of launch—around a holiday no less—we’ve already seen a huge reaction from both fans and industry, so I couldn’t be happier.”


“Editing this site is literally a dream come true,” says Zachary Sire. “Literally, I dreamed last night that I was editing the site, and then I woke up this morning and started editing the site! Seriously, I’m so grateful to Davyd for bringing me on board, and I’m so proud to be a part of something so bold and untethered, which is in such great demand these days.”


Davyd Dixon has worked with the biggest entertainment companies in Hollywood, including William Morris Agency, IMAX Corporation, Universal/Vivendi, and others. In 2005, Davyd Dixon Entertainment (DDE) entered the adult entertainment business representing the biggest names in the adult space, handling several facets of the clients’ business from marketing, PR, advertising, branding, business development, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and more. DDE’s current long term client roster includes the biggest gay adult brands in the business.


Zachary Sire began his career covering the adult industry in 2008 as an associate editor for Unzipped, Men, and Freshmen magazines under the here! Media Specialty Publications umbrella. By 2009, he was named editor of the mags’ online home, Unzipped.net. In 2010, Sire was offered the position as Editor-in-Chief of TheSword.com, which he accepted. During his tenure, Sire steered TheSword to traffic and ad revenue records through his unparalleled industry coverage, exclusive scoops, and sharp critiques. After three years, Sire sought a new, independent home to showcase his reporting and unrivaled brand of wit, and in late 2013 co-founded Str8UpGayPorn.com.


  • sxg

    So glad you’re back to this Zach! And I see you’ve been busy with a lot!

  • Bull

    Great news Zach! I knew someone with brains would snatch you up! Glad you’re going to keep it real, and not be censored.

  • Aramis

    Congratulations to you…but I miss an “Archive” in this ‘site’ ( For me it’s still a blog and I don’t see nothing wrong to call it that way. )

    • Zach

      Thanks, Aramis! You can always visit the archive of original stories published in the “Str8UpDaily” section of the site by clicking the “Str8UpDaily” column header/logo on the homepage. Or just use this link: https://str8upgayporn.com/category/str8updaily/

  • JoshChicago

    Congratulations! Is there any truth to the rumor that Michael Lucas’ next video will be titled “Anal Warts” based upon a personal and recent real-life procedure?

    • Paul Rotstein PhD

      Someone should email Lucas that little treasure

  • John

    What an impressive beginning. Based on what I see here I will be a daily viewer. Dishy, fun, funny and informative. Great job!!!!

  • Tellingthetruth

    The industry needs a voice like yours, WELCOME BACK

    • Paul Rotstein PhD


  • Elitist

    Glad you’re back Zach! :)

    • Paul Rotstein PhD

      Congratulations Zach you must be very God at what you do amigo

  • rad_simon

    The Sword is such a snooze-fest now.So glad Zach is back doing what he does best!

    • Aaron Hutson

      Amen I second that. Already liking this one.

  • larry14

    Couldn’t be happier for you, Zach! Wish you much luck and smooth sailing with your new employer/partner, DDE :]
    I literally clicked on a dozen stories from the frontpage today. Great job as always <3

  • trekord

    I’m glad you’re back Zack! Wishing you all the best!

  • Guest

    He is delusional. Slander, or defamation, requires a false statement of fact. First of all, this is all Zach’s opinions. And even so, it is all based on fact. Lol. Any lawyer who would try and take this to a judge is brain dead. And I am not aware where there is any jurisdiction that has a civil tort of harassment. It is a criminal charge and since Zach is technically a member of press, even if it’s the gay porn press, he is shielded by the 1st Amendment and can’t “harass” porn starts by writing about them. LAUGHABLE!!

  • Jacob Matthew

    Is there any gay poz porn companies

  • Colorful Kent

    what’s your email for tips? The link doesn’t work for me.

    • Zachary Sire

      Hmmm…it’s working for me. When you click it, it automatically opens an email with the address. But just in case, it’s zachsire@gmail.com

  • sam joe

    Looks like your boy, Brandon (Sean Cody) quietly moved to Miami, changed his profile, no more relationship and is living the high life – sugar daddy? https://instagram.com/jeffnuff/

  • BraD The VolFan

    Hey I Got To Ask Why Did @Str8UpGayPorn Block Me on Twitter(I’m @Volfan1983XxX)

    • John Iii

      you did something to piss off Zach that runs the site.

  • Pat

    Hi, I was looking for a link you shared several days (or weeks?) ago about a trailer in “hot links”, it was an indie film about 4 gay friends speaking about their lives… do you know what I mean? Because I can’t find it in my history.. Thanks!

  • Wetman

    Hi, do u know what movie/gay porn actor is this?

  • Matt Cass

    You heard about Vadim Black? He has been advertising cam shows for
    $80 on his Instagram then when people pay he stops replying and blocks
    them. Literally stealing money from his fans. He’s a nasty guy.

  • dun bar

    Diego Sans can be in my A** 365 days a year and 1 extra day during Leap year. What a Brazil diamond he is and my mouth is ready for kissing and butt munching.

  • PaulieP

    Zach….. can you do some research and let us know what ever happened to porn star and ginger James Jamesson ???

  • John

    I wish you had it where we could comment on the scenes you promote daily. I often have things to say, such as that Guywithsweatpants who blew Austin today was the most skilled cocksucker I’ve seen in gay porn in years!!!!

    • Zachary Sire

      Hey thanks for this feedback….gonna be working to integrate something like this on the site!

  • badgamer1967

    lost its bite, I don’t know if it’s trying to boost the brand or your awards show but the site seems more like a happy pr column these days instead of bitting articles of days past eg Brandon from SC snooze fest suck up interviews. missing the fun

  • disqus_1fX3p28P74

    Does anyone know if D.O. ever barebacked on film? Has he retired from porn?

  • Emre?

    what happened to that Joshua Logan / Johnny Champ interview?

    And please do something to get Gavin Wolfe (Legendmen) back -___-

  • Mikehunt64

    Nice website

  • Terry P Daigle

    if u watch the new Men scene “Couples Counselling” with Diego Sans and Cris Knight, at around the 19:12 mark, you can see Diego’s dick clearly comes out yet he continues “fucking” without putting it back in. just thought id give a heads up if anyone is interested.

  • Not So Nice Guy

    Whatever happened to Sebastian Young? Has his case gone to trial? It seems to have gone quiet.

  • Not So Nice Guy

    Are there any update on the Sebastian Young / Joshua Noles case? Has it gone to trial, or has a date been set?


    Just sayin’…did post a response to a comment on your site – and yes it is all there for you to follow. Shoulda know better…guess I should up my monitor factor but dang! My point? Read and enjoy this site – it very much is without bias. Do bear in mind that even crazies have keyboards…

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  • Ty Huber

    I’m loving Str8Up.GP and learning so much. Thanks. Not sure if this is the appropriate thread to make a suggestion, but here goes: give Bare Twinks a look-see. It’s a long-running site but IMHO has improved quite a bit in the last two years. Much healthier looking models (more the 8TeenBoy type) and far improved camera work and direction. The site also contains the old Boy Crush collection, so an account on either site gives access to all. They used fall under the GLN banner. Anyway, I recently gave it a try after a five year absence and found a lot to like. And it’s really inexpensive. For your twink fans who, like me, gave up on the site years ago, it might be worth checking out again.

  • Tye Hogan

    I think your countdown to 200 is fun with Johnny Rapid, but I would really like to see a new countdown…how many guys has Austin Wilde deep bred? He is such a hot man…and he has good taste in who he tops. I love it when he does NOT pull out

  • irrlichtdernacht

    Did D.O. stop making porn for a few years and then start doing porn again recently?

  • Paul Rotstein PhD

    Someone should email Lucas this little treasure

  • TheLisp

    hey Zach! new ML news via Towleroad from Page Six!

  • Mike

    Love this site… but please don’t link to articles behind paywalls.