When Is The Best Time For Biden To Drop Out Of The Race?

Posted July 8, 2023 by with 29 comments

Another smart opinion piece laying out the inevitable, which I’ve believed all along: Biden will not be running for president by this time next year, and he certainly won’t be reelected come November 2024. The only question is, when is the best time for him to drop out? Via TheHill:

As stated in this space in the past, I don’t believe Biden will be the Democratic nominee in 2024. Now, while the president, his White House and his allies may predictably denounce such speculation as ridiculous or wishful thinking, what if I and others turn out to be correct?

That possibility raises a critically important question: When would be the optimal time for President Biden to announce he’s dropping out of the race to give the Democratic Party the best chance to retain the White House?

A very strong case can be made for: immediately. If the Democratic National Committee is going to open up the primary to other candidates, the sooner the better.

Timing is often as important as strategy. [Lyndon] Johnson waited until the last day of March 1968 to drop out. If Biden dropped out now, he would give potential candidates like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg or even Michelle Obama an extra nine months to prepare for November 2024.


I’d rather have Biden than the racist and disastrous token gay transportation secretary, so maybe Biden shouldn’t drop out if that’s the only alternative. But, assuming he does drop out, I predict it’ll be very early next year, before the first caucuses in January. The Democrats are scrambling even now to find a replacement. Newsom knows this, which is why he’s been trying to raise his profile nationally all year. Problem is, Newsom will be painted as the progressive/socialist from commie California, and I don’t see any path for him to the White House. Democrats clinging to an 80-year-old man who can barely walk and speak are almost as pathetically clueless as the Republicans, who have all their eggs in the basket of someone who will very likely be in prison this time next year, so they better find someone new and fresh ASAP. They were surprisingly smart in 2008 when they went with Obama. Can’t they find anyone similar today?

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