Which New NakedSwordRagingHotFalcon Model Is Your Favorite?

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facWith Brent Corrigan departing from NakedSwordRagingHotFalcon—and with JJ Knight and Ryan Rose also on their way out, according to two sources inside Falcon—the studio will be losing three major gay porn stars who’ve been representing their brand for the last five years. So, last month, NakedSwordRagingHotFalcon signed three new models to exclusive contracts to try and fill the void. How do these three models compare to Brent, JJ, and Ryan?

Webcam model Dave Slick:


Former Randy Blue model Jay Landford:


Instagram model Alam Wernik:

DWqRoclU0AA2rvjBecause there’s no longer a clear “look” separating NakedSword, Raging Stallion, Falcon, or Hot House, all their exclusive models perform on all the sites. So, Dave, Jay, and Alam will likely be appearing in scenes for all four studios this year. Which one of them is your favorite?

  • FrenchBug

    Wernik is ugly-pretty and I generally would be interested but he already has tragically trashy OnlyFans videos all around so meh.
    Dave Slick similarly has all kinds of trashy manyvids videos under his belt – including with women and Billy Santoro – so meh.
    I’ll give Landford a chance.

    But we get to one of the problem of the studios: there used to be a time where they could discover real hot talent, sign them to an exclusive for the first part of their career where clients who were interested could *only* see them there and the studio would let them go once they are washed out.
    Now, even their “newbies” have been all over the Internet.
    When was the last time they announced an “exclusive” that we hadn’t already seen everywhere? And anybody think they could make “first-time” bottoming a big event anymore? I remember how excited I was with Landon Conrad first bottomed. The actual scene wasn’t great (urgh, Brad Star, urgh) but there was a real progression because they had waited to make it happen and it was exciting.
    If I were working for a studio, I’d really really really insist they invest time into casting complete unknowns with no previous amateur porn presence. Go back to scouting. It will pay off. And sign them to ONE specific studio and let them carry that brand for a while.
    There is no surprise, no mystery, no anticipation anymore. They are just amateur porn with a higher budget and a higher price. Not a business model that can work if they don’t have *something special* to offer.

  • FrenchBug

    Hadn’t Ryan Rose already announced his retirement six months ago? I mean, he still pops up in scenes but I thought those were just the leftovers.
    And I had assumed JJ Knight was a goner at the same time Corrigan was.

  • Badbike

    Been a fan of Jay, glad to see him doing more work cuz he didn’t really do a ton but the stuff he did was hot (his scene with Jayden Tyler is still one of my fav). Alam with his ugly hair is very popular so he’ll have a following either way. It was smart to get him. No idea who the other guy is but hooary for her.

  • Devin

    Alam is not the best looking guy. I think his hair color is very unflattering, too. If he went back to his natural hair color his face might look better. I’ve seen Dave on Chaturbate and he’s very average in the looks department and he has a struggle gym body. They did a really good job with that promo photo.

    • McM.

      “struggle gym body”

      • Hari Kalyan

        ROTFLMAO!!!! no gif can do justice to how hard I laughed at that

  • DaveAtom

    Dave Slick is the most handsome, but Jay’s body is stunning. Alam, no thanks.

  • B.C.

    I voted for Landford. He was very enjoyable before so I’m playing it safe. From other two wildcards Wernik wins, his face reminds me of preteen Macaulay Culkin.

    • You really want to tie those last two thoughts together?

      • B.C.

        Yeah, I know. It’s kind of scary, but when I first saw his face my first association was Home Alone kid. Rest of his body is another story all together. J’approve.

  • Kandel

    I really want to like Alam… but watching him get fucked is like watching paint dry. He’s pretty to look at, he’s got everything I could ever want in porn… that ass… those nice thick thighs… but he fucks so boring.

  • Jay

    Alam has a nice body but I don’t find him very attractive. Dave and Jay are hunks and I look forward to their work. What about that stud from Corbin Fisher? Outstanding. My moneys on him for Falcon stardom.

    • peter

      I think Quin is planning on being a free agent.

  • Mike Julius

    All 3 are hotter than the ones leaving.

    • sam my

      Whose leaving ?

      • Mike Julius

        Opening paragraph says JJ, Brent, and Ryan.

  • Nate

    Alam looks so much better on Instagram

    • cluelesswitness

      He uses a lot of filters that’s why

  • TheSagaOf

    Jay, easily.

  • Tim

    Jay is almost too ripped, kinda like Jack on Seancody. it is a bit much for me. Alam just looks like a creep in that photo, and since i’ve never heard of either of those two before this post, Dave kinda wins by default

  • sxg

    Wait, Ryan Rose is leaving Naked Raging Falcon House? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d14fc7bb98eb1753e1162cae2fe3f05c5d2a7284aa31bedb85d42fcd99426c99.gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/77675cb3d9bdf60122edcdb1920a4f2f09321ae67e7b6f9e8db360c5ddc15308.gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6057882a9f4daa6c6f83e758b788d6af469eafe5ba08ea799e25575b65a9fdf7.gif
    I’d love to see him gone for good, but we’re all not that lucky in life. Naked Raging Falcon House need to make it a rule that domestic abusers need not be kept at the studios. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b051482efcf7e3fdcaf111ec8f45971cde731f970cdca1d6f975b2e7318b6901.gif
    Now all we need is for them to push out the Trumptards. Let’s keep cunt keller, jake porterpotty and sergeant biles unemployed!

    As for these 3, yes to Dave Slick and Jay Landford! Alam has a nice body, but that fake face is a turnoff. He’s had too much work done.

    • von schlomo

      And then there’s Ryan Rose’s looking and being retarded and completely annoying in every way. If I won the Powerball I’d buy the rights to all his stuff and I’d take it all down. Poof! Gone!

  • sam my

    Jay Landford is so damn sexy. So that’s my vote

    Alam has a great ass, and Dave has beautiful eyes and personality.

  • peter

    Aram Warnick looks like that blond kid from Glee. Probably intentional

  • Scrapple

    I guess I forgot Ryan was moving on. Did he see the bareback writing on the wall and decide not to return to his dick roots? Was his disinheritance rescinded and he again has access to his trust fund? Booty burnout? Whatever the reason, I wish him an ounce of luck.

    Dave has old school slut appeal. Alam looks like a cross between Dante Martin and Brady Jensen. Jay looks hotter now than he did at Randy Blue. I’m curious to see how these new “exclusives” will be used.

  • MattT

    I remember Landford from RB. Hopefully he’s improved because I remember he was ok-ish. I’ve seen some videos of Alam and he’s a hungry bottom with a great body and actually gay, so YAY! We need more of those. I’ve never heard of Dave. After a quick Google Search I can say he’s pretty average. He’s good looking of course, but his body & cock are pretty average. Hopefully he’ll be a good performer but the fact that in most picture he appears to be looking somewhere else (maybe a screen with a woman, say it ain’t so…) is never a good sign.

  • nodoubtfan

    Jay Landford, mainly because I hope they’ll utilize him more than he was over at Randy Blue. Jay’s live shows on RB were hot, but his scenes were always kinda meh.


    Always bet on black 😉

  • C3xxx

    Proof Alam’s sex vids are “meh”: wondering if I have the ingredients for dinner’s scallopini marsala.

  • KP

    Alam is ruining his face with Botox and lip filler. He posts videos of himself getting injections.

  • David1983

    My money is on Jay….I concurr with most comments here of Alam Wernick, beautiful ass, unfortunate face, boring, very boring fuck to watch.

  • sbd

    I like the way Alam’s lipstick complements his swimsuit.

  • Baradude
    • cluelesswitness

      He paid good money for them too lol

  • CarlA

    My vote goes to Mr. Jay Landlord! So much rippling, mocha chocolatey, hairy goodness…….DAMN he looks good! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cdce9558abddaa5e8b229c17039c2b11fb207b25b4f9717db64e7ad59648adec.gif

  • johnn

    why are those 3 guys leaving? their choice? or falcon giving them the boot?

  • Ricky

    Jay Landford indeed! He is searingly hot and even has that vaguely Middle Eastern-look about him. Oh and good riddance to the 3 who are leaving, all are so bland and waayy played out.

  • Jordy

    Isn’t Alan Wernick is like his early 20’s? Literally going to serve Joan Rivers at 30 at the rate she’s going.

  • Johnny

    Goddamn… Jay Landford is looking incredible these days. He was always attractive, but his body is really rockin.

    Hard pass on the other two.

  • Bastian

    Alan Botox Werink is winning the poll? You guys suck.

  • Hari Kalyan

    aww i like Alam leave him alone

  • Carrel

    Alam is good at looking hot, but not very good at being hot