Which Would You Rather?

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  • sxg

    I love how 107% picked the first choice in the last question lol

  • McM.

    I feel actual shame from some of the choices I made.

  • robirob

    The one about living in the Sean Cody house (or studio) for two years without being allowed to masturbate or cut off 1 1/2 inch of your dick was especially cruel.

    • sxg

      I chose lose a 1/2 inch of my dick only because I felt it meant I can live in the SC house and retain the ability to masturbate lol

  • DeanD

    I learned something about myself from this post. Thanks!

  • lol – omg, i never thought I would choose to have sex with my parents…lol!! Zach, you’re so funny. And I would gladly invite over MIchael to talk about Israeli politics 😉

  • Spencer87

    That last one lol.UGH at some of you saying you’d have sex with your parents.

    • Hudsonman

      Not my parents, ech. But it was always a little uncomfortable to meet a friends’ father and realize, uh yeah we’ve “met”(age appropriate-of course) before…..

  • Todd

    “Take the girl , Take her !!!! Whaaaaaaa ….”

  • Casey Scott

    Some real Sophie’s Choices here!

  • buffy2004

    this scarred me for live,i’m never going to recover for the trauma of choosing between this things

  • John

    Am I the only one who thinks Marc gives really good advice. Some of it really spectacular. Why should we discount someone’s wisdom if they have done porn. Do we love the stuff and disrespect the actors?

    • zach


      • Hudsonman

        To whichever question you are responding, yes… the simplicity is awesome.

    • sxg

      I honestly don’t think his advice is all that bad, but it isn’t all that special either. Some of these answers he gives are pretty obvious, and if people need a pornstar to give them good advice that is pretty common knowledge, then there’s nothing wrong with said pornstar but something severely wrong for those who seek them out for that advice.

      • robirob

        “I honestly don’t think his advice is all that bad, but it isn’t all that special either.”

        Well, special will cost ‘ya.

        But seriously. Sometimes people are so burdened or overwhelmed by their problem(s) that they don’t see the most obvious solution for their problem(s) right in front of them. All it takes is an outsider they are willing to listen to and that can be anyone (depends on how desperate they are for advice).

    • I don’t know what Marc’s qualifications are to give that advice though. This is the guy who did a bareback scene with TIM then realized oh I want to work with the condom studios too. That was not too bright at the time. Plus he tends to ramble on and his voice is rather monotone, making it hard to listen too for long and what is up with the big headphones?

  • Guest

    I cannot un-see these questions and am left with bleeding eyes!

  • Zealot

    So glad these are fictional choices which will NEVER happen…..

  • I guess Mike Dozer would be happy to know that he is winning over the jar of (fake) poz loads. lol

  • GN


  • n24rc

    I want to know who selected fucking their parents and losing an inch of their dick? That is not a sane person. The dick loss is permanent, which is worse than watching the SC productions(in person). You’d be doing the same thing in the studio, you’d be doing at home, which is just watching porn. Jerking off and no sex – two years, easy.

    • Hudsonman

      It was only a 1/2 inch. OBVIOUSLY those of us with 1/2 inch to spare! RAWR.

      • Mike Julius

        Actually, I was about to reply with that.

        I’m not bragging when I say I’ve wished mine was smaller before. I’ve had 2 guys agree to sex with me and then when it came out and got hard, they got dressed.

        “That’s too much. Sorry.” I think their objection was to the girth, though, and I’d take it away from girth rather than length. (Still got blowjobs, but fucking would have been nice.) :p

        • Hudsonman

          U gotta put em at ease have some finesse. Slow and steady wins the race 😉