Wisconsin Woman Who Decapitated Boyfriend Attacks Lawyer In Courtroom

Posted February 14, 2023 by with 6 comments

The most gruesome story of 2022 is continuing in 2023, as that Wisconsin woman charged with murdering her boyfriend is now about to stand trial. Given the nature of her crime—as you’ll recall, she chopped off her boyfriend’s penis and decapitated him after a meth-fueled fuckfest, and then told police to “have fun trying to find all the organs”—attacking her lawyer in court isn’t that surprising. In fact, this is pretty tame, and I’m surprised she didn’t try to bite off his penis:

Per the Green Bay Press Gazette, the woman was upset because a witness who was scheduled to testify on her behalf couldn’t make it to court:

The proceeding had been scheduled so that Schabusiness’ lawyer could introduce testimony from an expert witness who was expected to testify whether Schabusiness was competent to stand trial. That witness, however, had not been able to attend Tuesday’s court session.

The outburst happened as lawyers and Brown County Judge Thomas Walsh were discussing the case. The next hearing now has been rescheduled for March 6.

[Green Bay Press Gazette]

Here’s an extended video of the attack, showing how long it took for security to get the woman contained and out of the courtroom: