Woman Accused Of Stalking Gay Apple CEO Issued 3-Year Restraining Order

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The law is so silly, because after three years, she’ll be legally allowed to stalk him again? Why not make it 50 years (he’ll be dead by then, so I guess they could even make it 25)? Tweets from the stalker above, and the news via AP:

A woman accused of harassing Apple CEO Tim Cook with pleas for sex and other crude suggestions before showing up at his Silicon Valley home in a threatening manner last October agreed to stay away from him for the next three years under an agreement approved Tuesday.

Julie Lee Choi consented to the deal negotiated with Apple during an appearance in Santa Clara County Superior Court. Cook, Apple’s CEO for the past decade, wasn’t present at the proceeding held in San Jose, California.

The court order requires Choi to refrain from coming within 200 yards of Cook during the next three years, and prohibits her from attempting to communicate with him through any electronic means, including on Twitter accounts or emails. If she violates the terms, Choi could face criminal charges and potentially imprisoned.

The bizarre case traces back to late 2020 when Choi began emailing Cook begging him to have sex with her and attaching images of handguns that she insisted he had made her buy, according to evidence that Apple submitted to obtain a temporary restraining order against her in January.

“I can’t live like this anymore,” Choi wrote in one email to Cook sent from an iPhone. “I want sex with you, please, please.”

In October, Choi showed up outside Cook’s home on two separate actions and warned she “could get violent,” according to court documents.

Then, in another December email, Choi told Cook she would forgive him for $500 million in cash. Choi had been living in McLean, Virginia before she began shadowing Cook in Silicon Valley.

[AP: Accused stalker of Apple CEO Tim Cook agrees to stay away]

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