Woman Caught On Camera Randomly Hurling Bricks Into Car Windshields Throughout L.A.

Posted April 3, 2024 by with 0 comments

She’s apparently using the same brick for each random car, so she must have a special bond with the deadly weapon. Most car windshields are too strong these days for anything to shatter the glass, but it’d be funny if she decided to attack an older car, and the brick managed to go through the windshield. If the brick were to become trapped inside a car, would she try and go in after it? She seems crazy enough to go for it, and then she’d of course cut herself into pieces going through the glass. Just another day in the life for one of the thousands of batshit insane Angelenos:

“Brick-toting”? That’s not a correct use of the word “toting.” Toting means to carry something around, and she’s obviously not just carrying it around. She’s flinging, lobbing, or hurling the brick, not “toting” it. Come on, ABC7.

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