Woman Clings To Hood Of Speeding Car Driven By Thieves Who Stole Her French Bulldog

Posted January 28, 2024 by with 6 comments


Only in L.A.

I’m probably the most anti-gun person in California, but if I lived anywhere in L.A. county, I’d be carrying a pistol with me 24/7. And if I was somehow unable to shoot the thief dead, I’d have to do exactly what this woman did. Via KTLA:

KTLA doesn’t say how/why the woman was removed from the hood of the car, but obviously she was unable to hang on and let go at some point, or maybe she was thrown off when they slammed on the brakes. So, add attempted murder to the burglary charges. People are really willing to kill someone just so they can maybe make $1,000 (if that) off a dog. The beginning of this country’s societal collapse is in full swing.