Woman Obliterates Florida Airport Terminal, Bashes Employee In Head With Computer

Posted December 21, 2022 by with 12 comments


It’s always so crazy to me whenever I see people voluntarily walking into an airport (or any public space, really) in 2022. Don’t you all know by now what happens in these death traps?

This is a fairly typical day in one of our country’s crumbling airports, full of sick and psychotic Americans (note that everyone is of course maskless in the midst of a pandemic that’s put most hospitals at capacity as over one million are infected daily) who are gently losing whatever was left of their minds. That goes not only for the woman having the rabid meltdown, but also all of the people filming her (who could instead be rushing to get security). This lady wants someone to help her find her children, or something, and the best way to get help from others is to of course bash them over their heads with computers while destroying an entire airport terminal.

She kind of me reminds me of Godzilla?

This could’ve happened anywhere, of course (a mall, a school, a park, a church, a Del Taco), but it’s fitting that it’s in a Florida airport. More on the mom gone wild attempting to behead an airline employee dressed as a reindeer: