Woman Rescued By Firefighters After Falling Headfirst Into Toilet While Reaching For Phone

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Because the cell phone is clearly more important than life itself.

The “vault” described below is a kind of outhouse, but I didn’t know these shitters were big enough for people to fall into, or that they were this deep? The woman must’ve been tiny. Via Kitsap Sun in Washington state:

Firefighters rescued a woman who had tumbled into a Mt. Walker vault toilet while attempting to fish her lost cellphone out from the waste on Tuesday afternoon.

Brinnon Fire Department Chief Tim Manly said the woman, who was at the top of Mt. Walker, had been using her phone and had dropped it down into the vault. After she disassembled the toilet seat, she used dog leashes to try to retrieve the phone and eventually used the leashes to tie herself off as she reached for it, he said. That effort failed and she fell, horrifyingly, into the vault, headfirst.

Sweet Christ.

The woman was alone and attempted to escape the vault for 10-15 minutes but wasn’t able to get out, Manly said. Reunited with her phone, she was able to get a cell signal to call 911 and draw first responders to the scene. The Brinnon Fire Department and Quilcene Fire Rescue responded.

The phone still worked, even after being submerged in liquid waste? Nice.

Firefighters passed her blocks to stand on to reach a harness, which they used to pull her out of the vault. The Brinnon department reported that the woman said she was uninjured and requested no medical transport.

[Kitsap Sun: Woman who fell in Mt. Walker vault toilet while trying to retrieve phone rescued]

There’s a picture of the outhouse and the burly firemen at the link. The lady reportedly split right after being rescued and declined medical treatment. Good luck after swallowing all that feces.

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