Dumb Bitch Takes Selfie While She’s About To Die

Posted January 17, 2022 by with 5 comments

If I were one of the rescuers—risking their own lives to save her—I swear to God, I would’ve just let her die.

Via National Post in Canada (surprised she’s not an American):

Residents along the banks of the Rideau River were credited for thinking fast after they used a kayak to save a driver whose vehicle went through the ice in Manotick on Sunday afternoon.

Ottawa paramedics also went to the scene, but said the lone occupant of the vehicle did not want to be assessed, and police said the driver was not injured.

“Thankfully no injuries and an amazing job by local residents saving the driver by using a kayak and quick safe thinking,” Ottawa police tweeted.

As she stood on the back window of her car waiting for assistance, she was composed enough to take a smiling selfie. Before help arrived, the car had sunk to the point that just a portion of the roof was showing. She was able to climb on to the kayak and be pulled to the river’s edge.

The one bit of good news:

Police said the driver was charged with one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.


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