[UPDATED] Woman Who Chopped Off Boyfriend’s Penis And Head During Meth-Fueled Dungeon Fuckfest Found Guilty

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As noted yesterday, Taylor Schabusiness was due to be sentenced today for murdering her boyfriend. That sentence was handed down this afternoon, and as expected, Schabusiness has been ordered to spend the rest of life her prison, without the possibility of parole. Here was the judge handing down his ruling (and I have no idea what the hell she’s wearing around her head, but perhaps it’s to block her from spitting on people?):

I love that at the end of the sentencing, her lawyer asks that she be given 580 days credit for time served. For a sentence of life with no parole. God help any of the inmates who have to come in contact with her in prison.

Original article as posted yesterday:

Apologies for missing this story nearly two months ago (I should’ve set up a Google alert), but Taylor Schabusiness has been found guilty of murdering her boyfriend and then sexually abusing his corpse during that meth-fueled dungeon fuckfest in Wisconsin last year. The jury convicted her in July, and she’s set to be sentenced tomorrow. She’s expected to receive life in prison, and I’ll update this article after the sentence is handed down.

As you’ll recall, Schabusiness (I still hear “show business!” whenever typing her name) went on a courtroom rampage and attacked her lawyer during a pre-trial hearing, and in the video below from later in the trial, she can be seen laughing while her lawyer argued against showing a photo of her boyfriend’s decapitated head to the jury:

Schabusiness’s father testified in her defense during a competency hearing to determine if Schabusiness could be declared insane, as seen in video below. As crazy as she seems, the jury ultimately decided she was not insane, so she’ll be going to a regular prison. At the very end of the video as the dad is walked out of the courtroom, you can hear him and his daughter both saying “I love you,” and then “go Bears!”:

And yes, the father is also in prison. He was convicted of sexually assaulting a child and is currently serving a 12-year sentence.

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