World’s Largest Organized Crime Ring Of Child Rapists Condemns “Scandalous” Funeral Service In Catholic Church For Trans Woman

Posted February 18, 2024 by with 3 comments

Background on the funeral for trans icon Cecilia Gentili at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral last week is here.

A report on the “condemnation” of the funeral is here:

Gentili’s funeral—which was attended by over 1,000 people, including several LGBT celebrities like Billy Porter—was held at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC, and a leader of the pedophile group that normally operates and recruits from that location when it’s not rented out for funerals took issue with the way mourners were dressed, as well as the language they used during the service. Perhaps if the mourners had been wearing black gowns and white collars and were raping children in the pews, they would’ve blended in better at the church, and the archdiocese wouldn’t have even noticed them.

A clip from the service that’s provoking “outrage” from a MAGA Catholic group:

Sadly, they blocked me after I replied with the below tweet.

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