Worthless, Corrupt, And Meaningless Golden Globes Attempt To Revamp Image With Telecast On CBS

Posted January 5, 2024 by with 5 comments

Like at so many award shows, everything given out this Sunday night at the Golden Globes will be bought and paid for by the studios, so while none of it means anything, we can always hope for some drunk celebrity to say or do something stupid on stage during a presentation or an acceptance speech. Fingers crossed. The host of the show is a random stand-up comic who was selected like a week ago, and because virtually no one knows who he is, he’s got nothing to lose. NBC finally dumped the Globes after last year’s disastrous show, so the long advertisement above is from CBS, which is of course the same network that’s airing the three-hour telecast.

For what it’s worth, Ricky Gervais had one of the best opening monologues at any awards show when he hosted the Globes back in 2020. ICYMI: