Worthless Joe Biden Declares Pandemic “Over”

Posted September 19, 2022 by with 15 comments

Despite between 400 and 600 people dying daily, well over 100,000 people infected every day (only ~60k of which are reported), and untold thousands of long COVID cases disabling people for life (if not cutting their lives short by provoking other terminal illnesses), Joe Biden told 60 Minutes last night that the pandemic is “over.” This lie, of course, is all because of the midterm elections in two months, and if it were Trump bullshitting his way through an interview like this on national television, he’d be demolished by all the liberal pundits, public health officials, and Democratic politicians. Instead, this dementia-ridden dinosaur—who isn’t even running for re-election in 2024—has chosen to gaslight the American people all so his useless political party can cling to their jobs in Congress and rake in more lobbyist money. The United States has the worst, most ineffective, and most costly health care system—with the most diseased and unhealthy population—among all so-called “wealthy” countries, and it’s about to get so much fucking worse.