WTF: Films Scene In Which Jimmy Fanz Doesn’t Take His Shirt Off

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I get that in this scenario (watch the trailer below) Jimmy Fanz is supposed to be a “straight” gardener getting fucked in the heat of the moment, but which director honestly thought it would be a good idea for him to leave his shirt on for the entire scene? Whoever it was should be fired! And then shot!

One of the best things about Jimmy, a Str8ie Award nominee for Best Gay Porn Star Of 2013, is his perfectly hairy and perfectly muscular chest, and his perfectly sculpted abs. So, naturally, has decided to keep his chest and his abs covered up for the entire scene! The shirt should’ve been ripped off in the opening seconds! Who in their right mind at any gay porn studio tells Jimmy Fanz, “You know what Jimmy, why don’t you go ahead and just leave your shirt on so no one can see your chest while we film this entire gay porn scene“? I’m done. I can’t. Goodbye.

Oh, at least there are TWO preview photos with it off. Thanks. Thanks sooooooo much.


KeptManSTG12 KeptManSTG16 KeptManSTG15 KeptManSTG14 KeptManSTG13


[ Tom Faulk Fucks Jimmy Fanz With His Shirt On]


  • sxg

    I agree that’s Jimmy’s main selling point, his body hair. Without it, he would be just another run-of-the-mill twinklike being the token bottom of a near-death-porn-career/never-gonna-make-it site like ExtraBigDicks.

  • Alias74

    Probably because Tom Faulk said he couldn’t pretend it was a woman if Jimmy’s CHEST O’CHIZ-HAIR kept wrapping around his fingers…