Zac Efron Makes A Hot Girl, Too

Posted May 7, 2014 by with 9 comments

zac efronAs if he wasn’t already perfect as a guy, Zac Efron’s kind of a hot girl, too. Here’s Zac, Seth Rogen, and Jimmy Fallon—who’s usually insufferable as the host of the Tonight Show, but his sketches are good—in last night’s “Ew,” which is basically a slightly more immature version of those GAP girls from SNL, from like 20 years ago (I’m old).


  • i prefer him as a guy with little or nothing on.

    • Mimi Bahl

      Me too… Maybe one of those cute pocket for package thongs….

  • Jason Zazzle

    Zac Efron is way more fun now that he’s willing to have a sense of humor about himself. His “serious actor” phase was kind of a non-started but there’s a whole career to be had if he’s willing to laugh at himself and embrace the idea that a big part of his appeal is his eye-candy quality.

  • NG212

    Jimmy Fallon…insufferable? Lies you tell.

    • Jason Zazzle

      He’s so ingratiating it’s gross. I’m with Zach.

      • JoshChicago

        I guess he’ll be sending NG212 a “thank-you” note…..

        • Dustin Blades

          I wouldn’t be totally surprised to find him in this particular corner of the internet.

  • sxg

    Zac could have at least tried harder to get into this character. Seth Rogen was all into it, but Zac was flat.

    Thankfully he’s got a hotass body lol

  • sxg

    And I agree with Zac, Jimmy Fallon being insufferable is putting it mildly. His standup routine is mostly NOT funny, and he gives horrible interviews. 90% of the time he’s kissing ass by laughing at everything the celebrities say. The only redeeming quality of the show is the sketches, which is funny that the only time he’s funny is when he’s not being himself. He pretty much incorporates sketches the way that SNL does it, totally unoriginal.

    Also the whole celebrity stuff he does, like the rapping with them or whatever, that’s always a draw because people can’t get enough from celebrities doing out-of-the-ordinary things.