Zoo Hires Marvin Gaye Impersonator To Get Monkeys To Fuck

Posted February 8, 2022 by with 2 comments

If they’ve got the money to do this, good for them. Whatever it takes to keep the species alive:

A British zoo aiming to bolster its population of endangered monkeys hired a Marvin Gaye impersonator to visit the enclosure and croon love songs. The Trentham Monkey Forest in Stafford, England, said David Largie, an experienced Marvin Gaye impersonator, performed selections from the soul legend’s catalog including “Let’s Get It On” and “Sexual Healing” inside the Barbary macaque habitat.

“We thought it could be a creative way to encourage our females to show a little affection to males that might not have been so lucky in love,” Park Director Matt Lovatt said on the zoo’s website.

[UPI: Zoo hires Marvin Gaye impersonator to get monkeys in the mood]

And yes, there is video: