19 Things On The Floor In The Sketchy Sex House, Ranked

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SS066B_00219. Walmart Bag

SS066B_00118. Case Of Mountain Dew
17. Shoe
16. Shoe

SS066B_03715. Greasy Paper Plate
14. Bag of Fritos (Or Cheetos)

SS066B_03913. Box Of Clif Bars
12. Bag Of Lays BBQ Chips
11. Clif Bar Wrapper
10. 44-Ounce Del Taco Cup
9. Green Bowl
8. Phone
7. Box Of Clif Bars

SS066B_0206. Mountain Dew Can
5. Bottle Of Coffeemate Creamer

SS066B_0054. In ‘N Out Cup
3. Coffee Cup Lid
2. Blue Scrub Brush(?)

SS066B_0401. The Word “Taco”

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sketchy Sex: Cum Fuck Me]

  • Rob36

    It’s just so fucking pointless.

  • nick

    Clif bars are out of place, they are the poshest energy bars around, only upper class frats would eat clif bars, on the way to a polo match or a yachting weekend in the hamptons at daddy’s beach cottage.

  • Xzamilloh

    The grimy, seedy, trashy shit isn’t even needed. They know where to find some good bubble butts that can take a dick. And the “Frat Bro” shit is so played out. The only logical route to progress with this is an SVU inspired faux snuff scene… which I would watch out of curiosity.

    • McM.

      Yo, that’s a thing! I found out that’s a thing.

      Haven’t seen any with fucking, but it usually has conventionally attractive young men in casual situations being assaulted. They’re either choked, drowned, smothered, chloroformed, strangled, etc. and then their lifeless bodies are posed or dumped. The one I saw started like a normal scene with two guys kissing softly on a bed, but then suddenly out comes a pillow! After a lot of struggling the smother’er undresses the body down to his underwear, lays him gently in the bed, and snuggles next to him.

      I was like this the entire time

      You can watch a SketchySex/FratX faux snuff scene out of curiosity, if you REALLY want, but you’ll feel bad about it for at least two days.

      • Ed Woody


      • Who what where when how…

        link, please! ?

        • Mike Julius


          I’mma need the link to your personal info for the FBI Field office in your area.

          • Who what where when how…

            artistic expression, beyotch!

          • Mike Julius

            20 – Life, country! lol

        • McM.

          Came across them in a random kink thread someplace, but only watched one vid and saw stills of others.

          That was not a good night for me. I was just looking how to tie an escapable wrist/leg restraint for a bit of light bondage, and ended up losing a bit of my soul.

          • nick

            “Best” deaths, what are worst deaths, one where you die and nobody jacks off over you ?

            The world has gone mad.

          • Mike Julius

            Ones where ugly people die, but that happens every day, so…the name of that site would be “sketchy deaths”


          • Who what where when how…

            that appeals to me.

      • Maximus
  • Maximus

    Not even Consuela would accept that cleaning job!


  • McM.

    “10. 44-Ounce Del Taco Cup”

    That is fucking specific.

  • kevin

    the guy in the blue shirt has serious male-pattern baldness. what is he, the landlord?

  • Zealot

    ….and a Partridge in a Pear Treeeeeeeee!

  • Donkeyteefus

    The Sketchy Sex set designers and art directors really construct a dystopian metaphor for America by using pop culture detritus. The cumdump bottom is an everyman figure, lost in a maelstrom of Doritos bags, Solo cups, and vicious gay-for-pay tops. Their hunger for loadz highlights the emptiness of modern existence.

    • Colton, The Major Hussy

      You need to read that in Sir Richard Attenborough’s voice for full effect.

  • C3xxx

    Keep searching, bound to find:

  • Todd

    Zach — you forgot one.

    # 20 …… Pizza rat (upper left corner of the first pic


    • Mike Julius

      21. T-cell counts

  • beariac

    Why all the fuss? I’m here for the LEFTOVERS!
    (and I don’t mean sloppy sixths)

  • Scrapple

    This is seriously making me rethink my fondness for Cliff Bars.

  • czer

    All that and not a single condom wrapper.

  • Xavier

    I realize their whole purpose on this site is to portray the “white fratboy college” thing….. but seriously….. WHat frat house actually looks like this ???? It looks like a pigsty not a frat house !

    • Billy C

      Have you been in a frat house (or had a teenage stepson in college)? Looks totally realistic to me.

  • badgamer1967

    that shit aint ever gonna be clean.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Those videos are like two years old I heard. I think Tom Faulk said that they filmed these videos over a couple months or weeks a few years ago. I like some of the videos from Sketchy Sex BUT I cancelled my membership because it was weird watching the homophobia. I get the idea of the producers is these guys are supposed to be young bored straight white guys looking who engage in gay sex. But it is hard to take it seriously with the homophobia calling someone a gay slur while the guy is fucking the other guy up the ass. Give me a break.

  • Parker Lewis

    Fake, Fake, Fake…