Trial Date Set In $500,000 “Feces Mansion” Lawsuit Against Michael Lucas

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lucasMark your calendars. A trial date has been set for the civil lawsuit against bareback porn producer Michael Lucas: October 17th, 2016.

The case—which claims that Michael Lucas fraudulently rented a California mansion (seen above, via Lucas’s Instagram) for commercial purposes, and then left the property covered in urine, semen, and fecal matter—will be heard in federal court in Los Angeles, and the plaintiff, property owner Kristina Knapic, is seeking at least $500,000 in damages.

Here’s a look at upcoming dates (all of which are of course subject to change, if the case is settled in arbitration) leading up to the jury trial, which is expected to last four days:


A Report Of Scheduling Conference (essentially a summary of the case for the court) was filed last week, and in it are several new details. To prove her case, Knapic is intending to call Michael Lucas and several of the gay porn stars who were on set as witnesses. Similarly, Lucas is planning on calling Knapic and several of the gay porn stars who were on set as witnesses:

feces2 feces3

While it’s not yet known exactly how much money Knapic is seeking, it’ll be at least $500,000—and most of that is based on what Lucas is expected to earn over the next five years from the bareback porn movies shot at the house. Also, while Lucas Entertainment did have two insurance policies, both carriers have denied coverage and refused to defend them in the case:


For discovery, Knapic plans to learn the net worth of Lucas Entertainment and Michael Lucas. She also intends to depose him and the gay porn stars who were on set:


As Str8UpGayPorn previously reported, Michael Lucas could have settled this case for $150,000 back in September of 2015. Because he didn’t believe he was in the wrong (or he didn’t have the $150,000), he now stands to lose at least three times that amount and have sensitive information about his business and his personal life made public, all the while dragging multiple gay porn stars—including Jake Andrews, Rafael Lords, Spencer Whitman, Ashton Summers, Hugh Hunter, and Dylan James—through the mud and into federal court with him.


  • Silver64

    “Also, while Lucas Entertainment did have two insurance policies, both carriers have denied coverage and refused to defend them in the case:”

    That’s my favorite part…..

    He’s screwed……

  • sxg

    Exclusive look at some evidence of the filming that took place on the property which will be used at the trial:

    • scooternva

      That is one of the funniest GIFs I have ever seen. You go, silverback gorilla!

    • Dale Bergman


  • Todd

    The defendant approaches the witness stand for testimony

  • andrew

    While I’m no Lucas fan, it seems to me that a lot of Lucas haters have rushed to judgement and are cheering for this woman, who may just be a gold digging homophobe.

    • Zachary Sire

      Get over yourself. Any time something bad like this happens to someone truly awful, like Lucas, it’s great.

      • andrew

        The truth hurts.

      • andrew

        The truth hurts. Perhaps you are blinded by your hate. 2X

    • Pearl Clutcher

      If Lucas weren’t the defendant I suspect most of the ppl cheering this suit (Zach included) would see the plaintiff for the gold-digging homophobe she appears to be. LOL

      • n24rc

        As if Lucas isn’t a gold-digging racist? lol. Character flaws abound here.

        • Pearl Clutcher

          Racist? Yeah, sure. Gold-digging? I dunno about that.

          I’m no Michael Lucas fan but I still see this suit as frivolous and somewhat offensive. I want to see this plaintiff lose not b/c it’ll mean a win for Lucas but b/c I think the suit is reprehensible.

          • Zachary Sire

            Given all the frivolous lawsuits Michael Lucas has filed and/or threatened to file, this lawsuit (frivolous or not) is absolutely delicious and a complete delight. Knapic is an angel.

          • Pearl Clutcher

            Naw, based on what I know now (having read articles on other blogs) I say she’s a homophobic troll who’s pulled this stunt on others (fake damage complaints post-rental) and needs to be stopped. Hopefully the defendant prevails.

          • n24rc

            I’d have to ask his ex “husband” to know for certain, right?

      • Maximus

        I thought that the term “gold digger” only applied to an individual who gets married for the sake of enjoying, inheriting, and otherwise benefitting from his/her spouse’s wealth instead of for the sake of love.

        • billy bob

          No. That’s called a wife.

  • nick

    $150,000 was a joke really, I can see why he refused to pay it, the entire contents of that house looked like they came to about 10k, it’s not the Ritz.

  • Maximus
    • sanfv

      Can we kill iconmale as well.

      And while we’re at it, BSB, lest they create another Vadim Black.

      • Pearl Clutcher

        LOL. It’s just porn. If you don’t dig what a site produces or how it’s produced then don’t watch the site’s output. Don’t pay the site or the owner any $.

        But hell, I pray for SUGP’s downfall so who am I to complain? LOL

      • Maximus

        I’m sure that those studios would have gotten sued for all they’re worth a long time ago if all porn performers could afford legal representation.

  • OverKill
  • jimboivyo

    Breaking Right Now: The Prosecution has just amended their witness discovery list to include testimony by @akaNicaNoelle as an accomplished and prolific “feces-expert”.

    • sanfv

      They’re both masters of shit. Duck face is more expience. Noelle’s shit game is a little more nuanced.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    Good for Lucas that he has balls and didn’t settle this bullshit suit. Or that he hasn’t so far. He might end up w/a judgment against him or he could win and end up paying the plaintiff $0.

  • DPS

    Lucas’ feelings about now as well as post trial

  • n24rc

    Legal names in a legal document. Oops.

    • sxg

      That’s probably my favorite part in all of this! Time to have fun at Facebook!!!

      • Maximus

        Are those actually the performers’ legal names? The document doesn’t use Duckface’s real name.

  • Zealot

    A representative of the mansion’s owner comments on the condition of the property, post Lucas’ filming…

  • sxg

    Is Jake Andrews one of the witnesses? I don’t see his real name there, and I’ve known his real name for over a year now since his IG acct is under his real name.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Boys this is why you go to LegalZoom and form an LLC for each production that isn’t shot in your own studio.

  • pennessee
  • Dot Beech

    Oh, la! It should be fun when the owner of that house has to prove that the “urine, semen and fecal matter” she claims to have discovered with the use of black light is the “urine, semen and fecal matter” of one of these defendants. Because if she cannot trace the these findings to these exact defendants, she has sued the wrong parties. And how does she propose to prove that the reasonable wear and tear permitted during any rental was exceeded in this case? Dildos are expensive. You know Michael Lucas didn’t leave a lot of them there when he left.

    No federal judge is going to want to listen to any of this. Not the piss. Not the shit. Not the dildos. Not the ass fucking. And certainly not the gay rimming. The pressure to settle will be ENORMOUS.

  • paul

    Judge Michael Fitzgerald who will hear this case is the only openly gay judge on the federal court in Los Angeles.