A Teacher Was Tied Up And Forced To Fuck An Apple

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teacherMenOnEdge finally came up with a new scenario for their redundant “tie up the straight guy and tickle him for an hour” videos. This time, instead of some random straight guy in an empty room, they’re tying up a teacher (pretty sure he’s not a real teacher) in his classroom and forcing him to fuck an apple.

8Haven’t we all fantasized about sliding an apple on our teacher’s cock and then also sliding some weird rubber thing on it while massaging him with a vibrator? Sure.

6Stripped down out of his teacher drag and with no apples or vibrators, the teacher is kind of a hot otter nerd/daddy. I’m into it.

15Watch the teacher get tied up, jerked off, and forced to fuck an apple on MenOnEdge.com:

[MenOnEdge: A Teacher Fucks An Apple]

  • Cosmic

    It’s a whole new way to get your 2 servings of fruit a day!

  • NG212

    I find this guy hot too. But I wish there was more sex in these MOE BDSM videos. If they’re getting fucked with dildos, why not fuck them with a cock until both performers climax?

  • cainenyc

    you all don’t get it. edging is a fetish until itself and menonedge are pretty much the masters at it. sorry – there is nothing redundant about the stuff they put out. you are either into the fantasy and it gets you off or you aren’t. if they fucked or sucked then it’s no longer milking and edging, cum control and denial. you wanna see guys fuck – go someplace else

    • NG212

      But in some MOE scenes, the men getting edged *do* suck dick or get fucked. So, the “masters” at MOE agree with me. I assume it just has to do with the sexual orientation of the performers. Those who are gay tend to do more sexual acts with the other guys than those who are straight.

  • Bull

    I love edging vids, but not these kind. I don’t really consider these edging scenes really, just a tie ’em up and torture, jerk, torture, jerk, anal, torture jerk THEN cum scene.