Adam Awbride Swallows An Anon Top’s Giant Load—Can You ID Him?

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First Ashtin Bates, now Adam Awbride. It’s a great day for fans of cum guzzling, as Adam Awbride is back on Sketchy Sex today to take loads on his face and loads up his ass, but one of the guys cumming all over Adam’s face and mouth today isn’t ID’d in the promo material from Sketchy Sex. Who is this?


He’s so hot (and he’s quite vocal/loud when he cums, making him even hotter), and I’d like to know who he is. If anyone knows his name, leave it in the comments below.


This is who Sketchy Sex says is in this scene, but not one of these guys is the one cumming in Adam’s mouth in the gifs above or the trailer below. The cast for this update, per Sketchy Sex, includes Alex Meyer, Espen, Jack Hunter, Jacob Griffith, Joey Bones, and Nic Sahara:

SS_ALEX SS_ESPEN SS_JACK SS_JACOB SS_JOEY SS_NICTrailer (watch full scene here):

[Sketchy Sex: Anon Top Cums In Adam Awbride’s Mouth]

  • junk4sts

    After a little research I think the top is: Xander Devila

  • Kanaka

    Well at least it’s real cum.

  • Scrapple

    I see the usual suspects.
    Sketchy Sex has always been FraternityX’s slightly classier and less Ceta-filled brother. Which means slutty, sloppy sexy, but nobody is getting gay bashed or tied up with duct tape.

    • Adam

      I also like the fact that Sketchy, without sacrificing that raw and raunchy continuous creampie filled orgy feel they built themselves on (and FratX for that matter), finally started using versatile models that trade BJs, swap roles (occasionally) instead of half a dozen tops treating one bottom like a pin cushion, and *gasp* … actually kissing each other like there is at least SOME degree of affection between them instead of acting like they’re all a bunch of total strangers hooking up in a truck stop gloryhole, not to mention finally showing off the models’ bodies a bit more these days instead of just the jizz shots (granted, then and now, not all of them deserve equal attention).

  • DanielA

    Jacob is HOT the hair on his chest yuuummmm, also nice dick as well,he kind of looks like someone I know too.

  • Devin

    Adam Awbride? Pass.

  • JT

    Good cast this time, sometimes it’s very hit or miss but this group is hot.