Adult Webmaster Who Outed Mason Wyler’s HIV Status Imprisoned In Barbados?

Posted January 13, 2014 by with 2 comments

masonmarkThe case of the missing and feared dead webmaster has gotten even more weird, as the formerly MIA Atlanta businessman, Mark Wilson, turned up very much alive last week, first with a series of tweets and then with a bizarre interview with Project Q. Wilson claims that the reason no one heard from him for over two months is because he was arrested and sent to jail. In Barbados.

A gay Atlanta business owner whose clients include gay porn stars and studios, feared missing since late October, is alive, well and getting his affairs back in order after a legal ordeal kept him in a Barbados jail cell for two months. Mark Wilson says he returned to the U.S. through Savannah on Wednesday, ending an expected quick trip to the island nation for his birthday on Oct. 30 that turned into a 67-day journey.

“Legal ordeal”?

Wilson declined to offer details about why he was detained in Barbados.

“I encountered some legal issues out of the country,” he says. “Because of the red tape involved in that, it took me 67 days to get repatriated and get back here. I wasn’t able to communicate with anyone.”

So, he’s not saying what he did, which means it must be really bad. Money? Sex? Drugs? His vagueness only gives us more room to speculate. What is Mark Wilson hiding? And if it’s really that bad, why talk to the media at all? Is this how he thinks he can repair his reputation with all the clients he abandoned? Sorry I couldn’t return your email, I was in a Barbados prison.