Alabama Man Crashes Car In Bass Pro Shops Parking Lot, Then Strips Completely Naked And Jumps Into Giant Fish Tank

Posted January 6, 2024 by with 10 comments

Well, it is the 40th anniversary of Splash, so it’s about time for a reboot. I’m surprised it took Hollywood this long. The naked man seen above and below was arrested after cannonballing into a Bass Pro Shops fish tank yesterday.

First Disneyland, and now a sporting goods store. Is 2024 officially the year of the micro penis?

And yes, this is an actual real thing that happened yesterday in Alabama, which you can see coverage of here via WGN:

The rate at which Americans are truly losing their minds is accelerating rapidly, and I will be surprised if there’s any functioning society left one year from now.

Here’s a long video of the naked man yelling from the aquarium and then being arrested. He falls out of the tank and eats shit right around 1:02, if you need a giggle: