Alex Mecum Gets Fucked While Hanging Onto A Tree

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He moves fast! Alex Mecum made his hardcore gay porn debut with CockyBoys just two weeks ago, but he isn’t wasting any time showing off his versatility and varied skills as a performer. Today, Alex Mecum gets fucked for the very first time on camera in a woodsy fuckfest with equally hunky Logan Moore.


CockyBoys is showing off their own versatility with this pairing, as Alex Mecum and Logan Moore stand in stark contrast to the studio’s stable of younger performers.


Alex Mecum and Logan Moore cling to a tree for dear life as they take turns fucking each other…

img_9211img_9359 In case you’re wondering how the cum shots play out: Alex Mecum fucks a load out of Logan Moore, and then he goes down and cleans off Logan’s cum-covered cock with his mouth.

Then, as usual, Alex Mecum erupts with one of his infamous cum shots, shooting out at least seven enormous ropes of cum:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Alex Mecum And Logan Moore Flip-Fuck]


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