Andrew Christian Underwear Model Jacob Ford: Umpqua College Shooting A False Flag Operation

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porterThe small yet vocal and completely deranged group of Americans who believe events like the Charleston, Sandy Hook, and, most recently, Umpqua Community College massacres are false flag operations apparently includes Andrew Christian underwear model Jacob Ford (a.k.a. Sean Cody gay porn star Porter).

You already knew Ford was a racist clown, and now you can add “certified lunatic” to the list of adjectives used to describe this idiot:


Conspiracy theorists believe that so-called “false flag” operations carried out by the United States government are designed to bring about gun control, totalitarian rule, mind control, mass imprisonments, and probably a thousand other things they haven’t even thought of yet.

Porn star Jacob Ford, who announced his support for presidential candidate Donald Trump last month, posted the above tweet hours after at least nine people were shot dead at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

When asked if Ford would continue to serve as a representative for their brand, underwear designer Andrew Christian declined to comment.

  • Todd

    Jacob/Porter — go shove a false flag straight up your ass …

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  • stephen

  • Xzamilloh
  • Kandel


  • sxg
  • John

    Well I guess he will have to wait until one of these false flags hits his family then maybe he will wake up and take off the tin foil hat….

  • DPS

    AC would do well not to employ someone who clearly lends himself to extremist ideals. There are plenty of men capable of filling is briefs.

    I am surprised that RC was not his candidate.
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  • erexshawn

    look at your life! look at your choices!

  • Mike Julius
  • WhimsyCotton

    Meh. He’s still cute, and I’ve read far crazier conspiracy theories.

    • Mark-E-Mark

      How does your sense of what is cute outweigh “Crazy”? Dude there’s a million other “Cute” guys that aren’t crazy. Gay men perplex me.

      • WhimsyCotton

        It doesn’t. I’m just not bothered by his nutty opinions. Aside the 20 odd minutes when he’s on screen on a SC video, I don’t give his existence a second thought. If his opinions held weight or actually affected someone, I’d totally get behind some type of boycott.

        • Hereweare

          You’re able to devote the entire 20 mins? I’m usually done with their cinematic contributions in 3 – 5.

          • Mark-E-Mark

            HAHA. Sometimes there’s those days though that it takes over an hour….so you have to FF through 20 different porn’s before one gets you off. LOL

          • WhimsyCotton

            What can I say? I’m a film connoisseur of all varieties.

        • kevin

          Yes, but the only reason why he has a platform to mouth off at all is because he takes loads on Sean Cody.

          Perhaps he got brain-damage the last time he was fucked.

          • WhimsyCotton

            I’d say he has the platform because of Andrew Christian tbh. SC doesn’t, well didn’t, approve of their models having an online presence. Your loads comment was quite funny though.

  • Maximus

    Mr. Ford has highlighted one of the few benefits of living under an authoritarian regime that punishes dissent with jail-time and reeducation. Quick, someone show this tweet to all of the journalists in Thailand! Also…

  • Zealot

    That’s what happens when the brain stem doesn’t go all the way up.

  • Pascal

    The off-cam discussions with Jacob/Porter and the models or the crew during the Sean Cody shoots must be so weird and uncomfortable…

    • CA

      Now I understand why the set always seems to be so unnecessarily silly and crazy vapid in the BTS’s…because if not, it would be just as you described.

  • CA


    • Hereweare

      You called?

  • kkdd1

    Hey Jacob / Porter the next time someone gets ready to shove there dick up your ass why dont u ask them if they could do u favor by pulling your head out of your ass first you will be amazed at how clearer reality will start to look and not 2 mention that constant smell of shit will start to subside U STUPID FUCK !!! BTW Jacob with regards to flags I bet U cannot walk pass a flag pole without dropping your pants

  • Hudsonman


  • Eric AS

    As an Oregonian I’d like to thank Mr. Ford for exercising his constitutionally protected rights to freedom of speech, seeing how he’s a young white conservative male. His point of view is really coming close to extinction. Being a 30 something gay white Oregonian I hope Mr. Ford appreciates my honesty. “Go home and die. My home state has seen so many school shootings and attacks against public places. Thurston High back in the 90s, the Clackamas Mall shooting, the attempted terrorist bombing of downtown Portland, and now earlier today at a community college in Roseburg. Never, mr. Ford will your views be welcome here. To the pundits gearing up, stop. Grieve for Oregon, and allow us the tools to fight the American epidemic of mass murders. To Mr. Christian and Mr. Cody please look into new talent to replace Jacob/Porter Ford as he is in serious need of mental health care and the stress of the public limelight is likely to further sicken him.
    An Oregonian

    • Mark-E-Mark
    • M B me

      I agree with this.
      Seriously, I hope law enforcement is looking at people who believe in “False Flag operations to subvert the second amendment” as the next potential mass shooters.

    • The NRA has blood on its hands yet again. Well said!

  • Mark-E-Mark

    The “Gay” Industry will not stop using these mental cases because they are, from what I read about them all, “Cute” – Dime a dozen. The industry should hold themselves to a higher standard and stop being the stereotype the haters, homophobes, zealot’s and the lot of them think we are. A bunch of sex, drug, mostly naked narcissists who parade around on floats showing off our bodies and having full on sex in public at places like the Folsom Street Fair and New York Gay Pride. I don’t find any of that something to be “Proud of” I am sorry but I thought the straight people in the world were crazy, Why can’t we just project some sort of “Knowledge that we aren’t who they think we are??” This dude reminds me of one of the inbred off spring from Duck Dynasty. They all started out “Cute” then look what happened. and PLEASE tell me that tin foil hat is Photoshopped or I will lose it.

  • Mark-E-Mark

    ……..and today’s powercouple on @Str8upgayporn is #HumanityisLost

  • Stephen

    Wow. The sad thing is this shit doesn’t affect his career.

  • Myko

    Nothing will ever surprise me about this dickhead. He obviously believes the saying no publicity is bad publicity.

    Gotta love all these fucked up ex porn performers. Maybe they should all live together in one big ranch.
    Oh shit they do already, its called Prison or a mental institution right ?

    • kevin

      He needs to be shut out the the gay stratosphere of Southern California to which his willing sphincter has granted him egress, and sent back to the Ozarks for permanent exile, where he will be just another faggot. See how he feels about civil rights then! He’ll get lynched with in the year.

  • kevin

    We have to keep tabs on the clubs hosting AC promotional events featuring Jacob Ford and confront him in public. Create the kinds of scenes that are poison for clubs. Maybe club owners will start cancelling AC events, or at least request that Jacob stay home. All of his WeHo haunts should be given the 411, too. This douche needs to be made persona non grata!

  • kevin
    • 1234

      Who in their right mind would buy this person those gifts??

  • kevin

    Zack, I just received the following response from Andrew Christian:

    “I would like to inform you politely to please stop sending us this information regarding any of our models. If you do not agree with his views or ideas, I would recommend that you do not follow him on social media or keep up to date on his every day move or thoughts. We can assist you only if you have any questions, comments or doubts on our actual products or orders. We do not intend to offend anyone with our underwear lines but instead proudly produce them.

    Hope you have a great day!”

    The email address I used was:

    I think everyone should bombard them with complaints!

  • Russell47

    He’s got interesting company under that tin foil.hat, The sheriff of that OR county sent a letter to VP Biden after Sandy Hook (CT) shooting not to use the shooting to “take our guns away”, AND he posted on his FB page (since removed) that 9/11 & Sandy Hook weren’t real, that the kids killed @ Sandy Hook & their parents were “actors” set up to take their guns away. Per today’s NY Times

  • BjorkNut

    That is all…