WATCH: Andrew Stark Pumps His Big Cock Into Ricky Decker’s Big Ass

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Add this entry to the growing collection of posts chronicling Andrew Stark’s neverending (and actually increasing) hotness. This time, the absurdly hung and classically handsome gay porn star is fucking someone who is also ridiculously hot—Ricky Decker.


They’re doing it on a kitchen counter, and it’s the first scene from Falcon’s Tahoe movie, which was shot earlier this year:


Try not to get hypnotized watching Andrew Stark thrust his big cock into Ricky Decker’s big butt over and over and over and over…

kuc5mTrailer (watch full scene here):


How much does this late night kitchen scene remind you of Gregg Rockwell and Derek Cameron’s late night kitchen scene in Falcon’s 1998 epic, The Big Thrill? Maybe it’s an homage? You can see a snippet of Gregg and Derek in this trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon’s Tahoe: Andrew Stark Fucks Ricky Decker]

[Falcon’s The Big Thrill: Gregg Rockwell & Derek Cameron]


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